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Mold can pose health hazards, remains unregulated

Totally agree with you Confrontation. I lived in Manhattan while at K-State and I lived in a First Management building. The management themselves sucked. Our apartment was so dirty when we moved in. It was disgusting. Thankfully we got our full deposit back because they moved our sub-leasers in and didn't do the final walk-through as scheduled. Jerks.

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Journal-World’s 2009 Academic All-Star team

YAY! Congrats Jarrod (and everyone else!)! Everyone is so proud of you and we hope you go far! Congrats buddy! This is an amazing honor!

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Digital age: January ArtStar combines love of photography with modern, entrepreneurial spirit

Great pictures! Um I took my cousin's senior pictures on RR tracks. They were not in use (by the train depot). Relax.

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Tonganoxie school bus collides with van on U.S. Highway 24-40

Thanks js02. It looks like that is what happened. That isn't the greatest intersection in the world.

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Tonganoxie school bus collides with van on U.S. Highway 24-40

It was ugly. I drove by around 8:00. Both front ends were messed up. Thankfully it was minor injuries. I would like to know if the bus pulled out in front of the van though...It sure looked like it.No joke Confrontation - seat belts on the bus would be nice.

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Sources: Snyder to return as K-State football coach

I think Patterson didn't want the job because Wefald is leaving and because he's leaving, Krause will probably leave and there will be a new A.D. I don't doubt Snyder's ability - he's the type of coach that puts football and coaching first over his family. Always has. I'm just afraid the game has passed him. Unless he puts rock solid assistants in his corner (not Phil Bennett - another rumor) then he'll be fine. Time will only tell. I was hoping Patterson would come but I guess I don't blame him for being weary of the new president and AD. Makes sense.

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K-State's Prince fired

Excellent Jingal. That's how I feel too. Granted I've only been around since 1983 - but my parents bleed purple (my mom graduated from K-State and was apart of the athletic program in the late 70s early 80s) - so I'm not a "bandwagon 1996" fan - I've been a fan my whole life. And I do agree w/the whole hiring an actual AD. That should be #1 on the list of the new president at K-State.

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K-State's Prince fired

Oh I completely agree hail2oldku. And I think the game has past Snyder. While I would love to see him come back - I don't think its what the program needs. And I agree that it was probably hard for Prince to do anything w/Snyder always there. Who knows. The next couple of weeks should be interesting. Will they have the next coach by the end of the season? I don't think so. They might though. I dunno. It's going to be interesting.

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K-State's Prince fired

Take_a_letter_Maria - Snyder never really recruited Freeman, Prince did. Prince convinced Freeman to back out on Nebraska and come to K-State. Which I commend, but Prince never really recruited anyone else. I think maybe they could have given him one more year but how many years are you going to say we're rebuilding? I don't think you can really rebuild when you bring in a bunch of Juco transfers only because after 2 years you have to rebuild. I would have been so excited if Sharp would have came to K-State. He's an amazing player. I think the problem was - regardless of who K-State brought into the program after Snyder (and I will agree - Snyder was slipping after the BIG XII win) was going to have high expectations of a win right away. Realistically, K-State fans (and Alums) should have known that any coach who comes in is not going to follow the same offense/defense as the previous (successful) coach. I guess we as the fans put too much pressure on Prince to succeed right away - especially after watching Bobby Stoops go down to Oklahoma and turn them into a huge powerhouse.Does that make sense? Honestly though - after listening to the press conference yesterday - I think the rumor that Bill Snyder is coming back is what it sounds like. Do I agree with that? I don't know. I had issues with how the game was playing Snyder towards the end. I thought he wasn't making that many changes and if he is coming back - I hope he has a brand new game plan. But at this point - who knows.

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K-State's Prince fired

Confrontation (Anonymous) says: Anyone else notice how the poster "KStater" disappeared once Beasley left K-State? Must be pretty sad to be a fan of that pathetic University.I'm still here! I just haven't been posting - but thanks for thinking of me! :o) It's a good day in K-State land. Yes - Prince got the raw end of the deal, however K-State has high expectations - granted it was hard for someone to follow in Snyder's footsteps but he was given a great team to work with. The only person he recruited was Freeman. That was it. Jaywalker you're right - if Freeman didn't make so many freshman mistakes as a Junior then I think things would have been different...

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