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Carlos O'Kelly's closes Lawrence location; city set to put more bite into weed ordinance

Pretty sure you forgot about the location in Manhattan. They are in the mall.

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Free State counselor killed in vehicle-train accident near Riverfront Park north of Lawrence

Prayers go out to Aimee's family, husband and kids. Her husband was my English teacher and I just cannot imagine what he's going through.

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Knology to no longer provide 2 Topeka stations

You know - I don't have Knology anymore because I moved, but I loved having the option for Topeka stations because when all the KC stations were covered with Tornado crap - I could flip over to Topeka and still watch my TV shows. HA! I hate watching their news but having the option to flip back and forth is sure nice. Oh well. Glad I don't have to deal with them anymore.

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I-70 blocked Monday morning after multiple accidents in Leavenworth County

I was at the beginning of this mess. The bridges were solid ice and there was (obviously) no warnings. I was going the speed limit but slowed down b/c the cars ahead of me were slowing down only to discover I couldn't slow down. Yeah, it was scary!!!

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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

So sad for the victim's family. Prayers go out to the family and friends and the McLouth Schools. This is such a tragedy.

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K-State's Curtis Kelly to sit out 6 total games for NCAA infraction

Supposedly Kelly was doing it much longer than Pullen hence the 3 game suspension as oppose to 6. Both freakin' idiots.

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McLouth senior Trevor Roberts named homecoming king in wake of leg injury

It wasn't McLouth's decision - but via the Delaware Valley League's decision. I don't know specifics but from what I've heard it had to do with the North schools not wanting to play South thus causing McLouth and other surrounding schools to play this school and other far away schools. Pretty crappy if you ask me.

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K-State running out of on-campus housing

It's expensive to live in Manhattan off campus. Been there done that. They also have Jardine Apartments on campus but they are mainly for upperclassmen not underclassmen.

July 26, 2010 at 1:45 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

To chagrin of Wildcats, Jayhawk fans turn Manhattan 'KS' rocks into 'KU'

Eh really? This is nothing new. A long time ago Nebraska used to come down and paint the "N"'s in the big "MANHATTAN" sign red. Seriously? Big freakin' deal. Like someone said before - it's no different than the KU sign getting painted over all.the.time. That never gets old either. This isn't the first time a KU fan has done this - I guess during football season this year right before the KU/KSU game - someone painted red and blue all over the stadium and the football complex - that's just as bad as the sign on 70 getting vandalized. Obviously they didn't catch the people involved and they probably won't catch them now. It happens.

March 4, 2010 at 2:34 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Double lung transplant recipient now enjoys 'normal' life

I'm so proud of you Heidi!!! You are a true inspiration to us all. I love you so much!!!

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