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Three and OUch: Jayhawks' skid continues with road loss to Sooners

What bar did you see 'them' in?

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FINAL: Daniel Thomas runs for 183 yards in KSU's 17-10 victory over KU

Reesing is hurt and Mangino doesn't care. Like a horse with a busted leg, he'll ride him to the finish line, then put a bullet in him. Reesing isn't going to the league and he knows it. He's not playing with any heart and he's all doped up on pain killers due to his injury. I think Reesing going through the motions is his giant middle finger to the coaching staff, which deserves it. They're out of touch with how to win a game and how to get a team to actually show up. This was supposed to have been a rivalry game, but the Hawks showed NO HEART today.

If not for his time on Team Living...Mangino should be on the clock for his head coaching job. He's a time bomb either way.

Lew...I implore you, do what your competition down I-70 did and recognize that you have no head coach (or staff for that matter) and replace them immediately.

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Will the KU football team make a bowl game this season?

Yankeevet - Don't kid yourself...Mangino WILL hit the cereal bowl.

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