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One dead in two-vehicle crash near Kansas Turnpike's Lecompton exit

Not to be a "debbie downer" but i have not been impressed with either the LJWorld's nor channel 6 news coverage on this story. Both you have failed to mention that there was a second wreck at the exact same location only minutes after the first one. That wreck involved two other victims, one of which was the person who called 911 in the first place for both wrecks. I understand it is terrible that a man's life was lost today but the Lawrence and Douglas county community should try to focus more on the WHOLE story and not just the sad parts of the story. People like myself who are from the community and is an older sibling to one of the victims rely on your articles in these situations. I live in Manhattan and it just blows my mind that not a single word has been posted about the second accident that occurred. My thoughts and prayers go to the man's family who was affected by this but enough is enough. There's one tiny tidbit on this where actual human lives have been affected. But KU bball has multiple stories about it... I guess that's how politics work in Lawrence KS. It's a shame really.

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