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One person hurt in fight overnight, another injured in accident

I be seeing double 'Hic'

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Douglas County commissioners approve extension of noise ordinance to be enforced all hours of the day

So will this mean that the neighbor's barking dog in the back yard could get silenced? FINALLY???? I suspect this new rule will generate many more calls to the police dispatch for noise complaints.

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Driver flees scene of rollover accident, arrested at home a short time later

How do we know they arrested him "SUNDAY" morning? So this is a story from a week ago? Just now reporting it?

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FINAL: 2,000! Collins, Aldrich lead KU to 80-68 victory over Texas Tech

For those of us that had to work during the game....relying on the radio to hear the scores....whats up with the weather test just at the end of the game.....why couldn't they have waited a few more minutes????

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

No excuses. The issue is not getting out there and shoveling.....the issue is some folks have physical health issues (age + heart + lungs + discs in the back) that prevent them from just jumping up and running outside to shovel the sidewalk. And our city is wanting to issue them a ticket for not being young and in picture perfect health to shovel snow. Not everyone has grandkids to come over and help grandpa and grandma with this shoveling either. And its not just the elderly that need help. There are folks with minor disabilities that also prevent them from shoveling snow. Teenagers used to walk the neighborhood offering to help people.....those teenagers don't exist anymore.

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

So if the homeowners are responsible for the sidewalks on their property......does that make the bus drivers responsible for the bus stops? I don't see bus drivers scooping snow. Just like I don't see anyone getting tickets for leaving dog do do on the sidewalks......Crazy town we live in.

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

How about Wakarusa Street and 6th this morning, people exit the bus at the bus stop which is piled high with snow....so the pedestrians have no choice but to walk down Wakarusa Street IN TRAFFIC as there is no access to the sidewalks that are not cleared. So who is supposed to clean these sidewalks? No houses near them. I would think the city should be more concerned with the more public sidewalks around bus stops than with private homeowners on side streets when schools are not in session. Oh, and my not so traveled street, finally got plowed yesterday afternoon......thank you.

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City to begin issuing tickets on Tuesday for unshoveled sidewalks

So as a homeowner....can I just pay to have the dad blasted sidewalk removed so it won't be a problem anymore. I could plant pretty tulips all along the way. It would be so much prettier.

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Statehouse Live: More cuts, more problems; Teacher workload discussed

Due to Budget Cuts, University Support Staff looking for work. Certified Paralegal graduated with Honors. Worked at KU Law School Dean's Office. Serious applicant and hard worker. Employers, please respond. sunshyn@ku.edu

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When you're driving in fog, you need to be prepared

I can't believe how many people choose to drive without their headlights in the fog......just not smart. I don't have a long drive to work and I counted 3 near accidents because people could not see these folks without their lights on.

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