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Steam locomotive headlines this weekend's Railfest in Baldwin City

Drove Hank yesterday. Awesome.

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Lawrence teachers ratify contract

OK, if you're going to talk insurance premiums then factor in the increase in premiums for spouses and kids which comes out of the employee's pocket. Now that $60/month raise comes to about $11/month in take-home pay.

But that's all a smoke screen from you so you can avoid responding to the question: show me where this contract package increases your taxes. Since you can't (or won't) respond to that, let me help you: it doesn't.

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Lawrence teachers ratify contract

Hey WeatherWatcher,

As one of those teachers you hate so much, I'll give you my $60/month raise if you can show me how this new teacher contract increases your taxes by one cent.

Take your time.....

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One person shot in Lawrence early Sunday

...and in other news, his five buddies who were also breaking into cars around town that night have decided that they will no longer break into cars.

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Lawrence officials question performance of charter virtual schools

"K12 Inc., a for-profit company"

Ever notice how the folks who fuss that we don't spend enough of the money "in the classroom" don't seem to care one bit about a private, for-profit corporation siphoning taxpayer dollars off for private profit? The people who fuss over superintendent, principal, and yes teacher salaries being too high never say a word about what the CEO of K12 gets paid. Where do y'all think that salary comes from?

"“I think we have some improvements to make, and I think you can look for us to be investigating how we can do a better job of that,” Lawrence Superintendent Rick Doll said."

Step 1: fire K12.

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Douglas County drug investigation seizes $1 million in meth from Mexican drug cartel

I love it when people say "it's not a drug, it's a plant". Hmmm..... Opium poppy is a plant, too. So is poison ivy. So is hemlock - put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Love how the pot smokers refuse to believe that the money they spend on pot isn't funding the same people who run meth and therefore directly driving burglaries in their home towns.

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Firearms shop in Shawnee that caters to women ‘going great guns’

"it’s all about empowering women.”

Oh, the cognitive dissonance...watch for conservative's heads to explode in 3....2....1.....

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Only one developer submits proposal for resort at Clinton Lake State Park

Gee...since these clowns are putting their for-profit resort hotel on public land, we can all look forward to them sharing those profits with the public. Maybe cover some of the state parks budget so we can all get in without paying the user fees.

No? Wait, I forgot. These clowns are only about socializing the costs and risk. The only thing they want private are the profits.

Slimeballs. Put your hotel someplace that's already paved over, and leave the reasonably natural areas in their reasonably natural state.

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