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Schools scenario shifts to boundaries

when my daughter was in kindergarten and 1st grade she attended Broken Arrow. We moved to East Lawrence and she was sent to East Heights although I tried and tried to get her into Kennedy. So 2nd and 3rd grade she was at East Heights. Then they closed it and she got sent to Kennedy anyway. Very disruptive to her educationally and personally. I thought it was ridiculous to have her in 3 elementary schools especially since we moved into the Kennedy district. It was 4 minutes from our house going south, where East Heights was 10 minutes west.
I also think the boundaries are screwed up even now. We live 1.45 miles from Central Jr. High and yet she was not able to take the bus because you had to live 1.5 miles from the junior high to be bus-eligible. When she was at LHS, we lived 2.2 miles from the school but she couldn't ride as you had to live 2.5 miles away to be bus-eligible.
Who comes up with this stuff? Is it based on reality? Yeah maybe a high school student should be able to walk 2.5 miles to school but have you tried that in Kansas with our weather?
UGH! so not happy with the Lawrence school district. Glad Dr. Ingram is there to be a voice of reason. I hope the board listens to him.

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Judge rules Yellow House Store owner is mentally competent to stand trial

I don't smell smoke but I smell something...kinda like horse apples

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Searchers recover body of Tonganoxie man, 30, from Lone Star Lake in southern Douglas County

was riding around the lake while the search was going on...very sickening feeling to realize the water was empty of swimmers, saw the police and boats around the swim area, knew something bad happened...so sorry for the loss of this young man, no matter what the circumstances...I don't care if he was drinking, the penalty for drinking and swimming is not death...it sounds like a tragic occurrence and I'm sorry for anyone who knew him...don't pay attention to the negative posters on here...someone always wants to blame the victim...and now is not the time for that nonsense...express your sympathy and keep your opinions to yourself...his mom is reading these comments and all you are doing is compounding the negative...please be respectful!

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How often do you attend a religious service?

I don't believe in god or jesus. I don't believe in prayer...I make wishes while blowing candles out on birthday cakes...and I think prayer is about the same thing...but if it comforts you in some way, go on and do it. Just don't expect me to believe, go to church, or listen to it when you talk about faith and religion. When I die, I expect things to end, just wink out like a light. And I'm looking forward to that.

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Cab driver alleges Eudora police officer injured her during ride to strip club

+1...now that made me laugh!

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If you could create a law, what would it be?

you can wear lingerie while the women wait on you without a law to force it into happening....just sayin!
and btw....why can't you wait on yourself? pig!

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What would you want in your dream home?

Antonio Banderas bringing me biscuits and gravy every morning...and a Terrebonne shrimp po boy every evening...oh...and a pool

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