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Four arrested for burglary at mobile home park

I'm all for giving convicts second chances if they earn and deserve them. Remby was in court last year (even though he says it's been 7 years). The only reason he hasn't been charged with a "person" felony is because some of the things he's done (stealing and writing checks, burglaries, crack use) are either not reported or are ignored by the authorities. You tell the people whose checks he stole or whose house(s)/property were burglarized by this loser that the crime against them wasn't against a "person" and see how well that goes over. As far as the crack, let him smoke it up. Aside from what he does to get the money to do crack, it's mostly only destructive to him.
And I'm sorry but I don't believe the "I was just talking to a female and got caught up" story. In most cases, you don't get arrested for just talking to someone.Add in an extensive criminal history and being caught with people who just stole a boat and trailer, and you CAN be arrested.
Sorry but it you want folks to think you're reformed, you have to reform all parts of your life, including who you associate with.

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Man sentenced to 32 months in prison for texting sexual images with a minor

The client broke the law, not his lawyer. We don't lock folks up in this country for doing something you don't like or don't agree with bergerfry. JC Gilroy is an excellent caring attorney who actually cares about his clients and not just the measly court-appointed attorney paycheck he earns. He is bound to do what his client asks him to whether he agrees with it or whether he thinks the public is going to agree with it or not. I guess when we all subject ourselves to your authority, you can tell everyone how to do their job or lock them up because you don't agree with them. 'Murica!

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What is your favorite ethnic restaurant or store in Lawrence?

Curry In a Hurry is pretty good if you get there before they sell out of tandoori drumsticks

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Man flown to KU Hospital after jumping from car driving across Kansas River bridge

@Consumer1: don't speculate, unless you know something about what happened and what prompted him to jump, you don't know any of the facts!
maybe they are both 18 or is that 81 and she sold his favorite unicorn
see what I did there?
cmon people...

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KU students extend helping hands for Big Event

^ generalization!
not every KU student is pissing on your lawn. Give these kids credit for taking time out of their lives to help others. I had 2 crews at my house and they were all very friendly, polite, and willing to help. They did a great job and I'm very thankful for the things they accomplished at my house. I've had bad experiences with students too but I don't blame every one of them for what one of them does. Why do you have to ruin a nice thing by being so negative? any KU student reading this that volunteered for the big event...THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU you are appreciated!

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Are you planning to go to New Orleans to see the Kansas University Jayhawks play in the NCAA Final Four?

I bought airfare to New Orleans recently and it was a little over $250 round trip for one person...Not That Expensive!

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With more volunteers, Big Event ready to provide big help

I'm signed up for this and was told numerous times that if KU makes it into the Final Four, the new date of the Big Event will be April 14

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Sound Off: Is Christmas always on Sunday?

watched Disney's Pocahontas movie at the theater when it came out years ago, where I think Mel Gibosn voiced the englishman John Smith that Pocahontas supposedly saved from her father Chief Powhatan...and some dipstick dad there with his kids got up from the movie and said, "you'd think they could have come up with a better name for him than John Smith"
What the ???
And that man procreated! Scary!

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Heard on the Hill: The Big Event has students ready to volunteer, but they still need projects to work on; local AAUP chapter involved in tenure spat; fans take to YouTube after KU-MU game

I think the day is March 31, not 21st, according to the email I received from my neighborhood association about the Big Event

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