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“Little Free Library” encourages reading, community spirit

There's one on Centennial a few blocks from Commerce bank at 9th and Iowa. It's in someone's front yard on the west side of Centennial. Maybe around 10th or 11th and Centennial. I just put 2 books in last night and borrowed a Michael Crichton.

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What is your favorite Lawrence business?

Sunfire Ceramics!!!!!!!

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KU links: Comanche the horse, temper tantrums and more on online education

I don't see anything in the article that says Comanche was Custer's horse or that he was the only survivor of the battle.

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Mexican restaurant Tapas closes as it loses lease on downtown building; Mexquisito expands into Eudora

Tapas has really good food and good service. Haven't had a bad meal in there yet. Sorry to see it close, especially if it's going to be out on Wakarusa. Guarantee I won't be going there since it's completely across town from my house. Mexquisito is empty at the best of times. And they're expanding? Really? It has mostly bad reviews online and a walk past the restaurant at dinner time shows empty booths. Wow. Downtown Lawrence surprises me once again.

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Kansas closes roads because of storm

I love thundersnow!

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Miracle of oil inspires Hanukkah treats

Love the recipes, thanks!

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Four arrested for burglary at mobile home park

very strange how my comment from yesterday about Remby disappeared without even a "This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement." comment from the paper, like it was never even posted. It was there earlier this morning and now...it's gone. I wonder if it's due to this person who tried to contact me privately at 4:30 this morning:


The user micrem sent the following message to you via LJWorld.com:


You seem fimilar with Jesse. Do you know him personally? This came as a shock to me when I seen this online. He is protraying a different person. I couldn't believe it. If you can shed some light please do so.


Not sure who you are "micrem" but feel free to look him up on the DOC website. With a 30 year criminal history, I don't think my comments are out of line and you can make your own mind up without any input from me. Just be careful who you trust. Sometimes when someone's patting you on the back, they're looking for a place to stick the knife.

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