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Republicans criticize incorrect mailers in two legislative races; Democrats apologize

Asking for an apology is laughable coming from the KS GOP.
Look at the lies, Bold Faced, Flat out Lies coming from the KS Chamber, Americans for Prosperity - All working in lockstep together with the Gov and the State Party .

They ran off their own moderate GOP members with lies , What makes you think they will hold back on the poor Democrats ?

A power grab folks

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Tax-cut would lead to state deficits

Do you mean the Trickle Down , Supply Side Theory is a fraud ?

You have got to be kidding me !!!!
I am shocked
The Reagan and Bush Tax Cuts did not help raise the Deficit ?

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Ag. leader seeks waiver for illegal immigrants

NO AMNESTY , Send them home .
The double standard and hypocrisy is sickening .
We, KS, take away the kids food stamps, The parents are considered illegal , The kids are Legal
Yet, We want their illegal parents for cheap labor .
THE KANSAS CHAMBER ERR KOCH BROTHERS Chamber and other Pro Business Groups need these illegal workers. How about paying a decent and fair wage to a KS Worker or American citizen. Our Pro Life Governor and his Party are more than willing to take some kids food stamps or his health benefits to look the other way to protect his Big Business Donors

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Redistricting plans consolidate Lawrence in 2nd District

This is a joke . Jenkins is a liar. Nobody wants Wyandotte County Democrats in their Congressional District. That would mean diversity. Blacks, Mexicans , and people of color.
How does the urban WYCO District fit into the White Rural 1st District .
Douglas County Dems from KU were partially connected to the 3rd District, The GOP will not allow that and split the Democrats away from the Johnson County GOP Power Base
A Gerrymandering Powerplay in action by the State GOP.

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Gov. Brownback's plan to post teachers’ rankings causes outcry; GOP senator describes plan as 'toxic'

Can you possibly hold a teacher accountable for test scores ? Yes
Are there bad teachers Yes , Are there bad doctors ? Bad Lawyers ? Bad Clergy ? Bad accountants ? Bad Cooks, Bad Waiters , Bad Bill Collectors , Bad File Clerks , Bad Mechanics ? Bad Politicians , Bad Governors
There are bad people in every occupation . These other jobs are SELF Dependent, Self Reliant .
You do not have to factor in things like kids, their homelife, previous years of study, what someone taught them the year before. Playing Catch up . Limited Resources , buying supplies with your own money .
There needs to be a proper way to evaluate teachers, this is not it !!!!

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Do you support Gov. Sam Brownback's tax plan proposal?

KS is not TX We cannot make up the lost revenue with no income taxes.
We will be nickel and dimed to death and all the tax burdens will be shifted to the cities and counties. They are kidding themselves. KS has no Oil Revenue like TX
KS doesnt have the population of TX
Look up Art Laffer Ponzi Scheme - The brains of our Tax Policy

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