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Kansas lawmakers worry over shortfall in sales tax revenues

Are we really surprised at this ? The Powers that be in The Govs Office and the lackeys in leadership in KS Legis have been warned for years . The blame rests with The Kochs- KS Chamber , AFP , Club for Growth etc. Paul Davis and many moderate GOP members said during the last campaign that the numbers dont add up. for Sam and His policies. Social Conservatives, Tea Party Folks , Libertarians , and Kool Aid drinkers , The blame lies with you.
You reelected Sam and his lackeys in the legislature . No jobs flocking in, another credit downgrade , budget cuts to vital state services , And You refused to remove exemption on LLCs to add income . Unwilling to own up to mistakes and change You are a joke Sam , you and your sheep in legislature and the morons that continue to support you.

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Brownback to lead river float trip

Sam thinks he is leading his expedition down the RIVER STYX toward home.

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State government buildings to allow concealed carry of guns

Please think about The IQ test and personality profile testing for each applicant. How many hot heads, macho tough guys , wannabe cowboys etc basically people who get angry and upset about something minor and stupid. Who are armed and ill equipped to handle a firearm in a stressful situation.

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Democrats criticize Brownback over public stance for higher education while approving cuts

Since we are talking about Sam and breathing in the same sentence. The Gov is basically an OXYGEN THIEF.

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Republicans advancing tax, budget bills in push to end legislative session

Holland is technically correct. The Kochs political group , 1) Americans for Prosperity and the Koch led , owned , bought and paid for , 2) ( Kansas Chamber of Commerce ) .
Both groups are well funded , influential, and very powerful in KS politics. Former KS Speaker Mike ONeal retired and became their Chief Lobbyist. They crush anyone in their path, regardless of party. Look how they destroyed the moderates in their own party last year. They smeared them , trashed them .
The GOV, and The GOP House and Senate are bought and paid for by the Koch's and the Far Right in KS.
They now want to control the courts as well .
Bob Dole is correct. he could not get elected in today's KS GOP Climate because Dole and Reagan would both be Liberals in todays GOP world.
How scary is that.

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House committee approves bill that supporters say will protect Kansas gun rights

Yes, it seems like our KS State legislators are too bored and they must have nothing to do. Except, they spend their time, (our time) passing stupid and meaningless laws as a way to thumb their nose at the intrusive, Socialistic, Obama Federal Government . Lets look at this , The denial of medicaid services to needy Kansans, the overly intrusive, sexual TSA patdowns of Ks residents of the (huge volume) of citizens at Booming KS Airports like Wichita, Dodge City , Hutch, Garden City , Liberal , etc wherever . The changing of Educational standards to stick it to the Liberal Elite and Liberal left who run our schools. Mr Kobach continues his personal crusade to fix the immigration issue for every state except his own.
Lets not forget the huge deficit that our Gov and his handpicked legislature have given us.
They dont have the time to seriously address our own budget shortfalls - issues that they created yet they continue to throw stones at the Feds and the Obama Admin to pacify and give red meat to their rabid political base

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Curbside recycling committee recommending city sign contract with Hamm Companies for local recycling center; question of whether to accept glass still undecided

I am all for recycling and saving the world. I am also interested in saving valuable tax dollars needed for our roads etc . I say lets support the Deffenbaugh Proposal which will save us, the taxpayers, the money and also save the wear and tear on our City Trash Trucks.

The Hamm outfit is more expensive and isnt even a proven product and it will take time to get them up and running. What is it a couple more years .
Lets get this over with. Go with the cheapest and the most experienced bidder , Deffenbaugh. Get the Trash out of our backyard and into someone elses .

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Kansas House panel passes judicial selection change

Its ironic, the Conservatives are always the strongest advocates for preserving the Constitution.
Why are we changing / amending the existing State Constitution ?
Answer - To serve the political whims of the Governor and the Legislative Branch.

Shouldn't the Judiciary be held to a different standard than politics ? They should not have to worry about lobbying from the NRA, The Unions , The ACLU, Kansans for Life , The Koch's ,
or any industry .
I want an impartial Judiciary , not a political hack

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Brownback defends handling of programs designed to help poor Kansans

This good Catholic man has nothing but the best intentions for the poor .
Take all reproductive rights away from women, allow them to have multiple children with no means to care for them . Ignore New Testament Teachings such as the Beatitudes.
Support Pro Death Penalty Candidates in your party .

Go to Church on Sun .

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All Kansas counties except one declared disaster areas because of drought

Isn't it ironic and very hypocritical that we, meaning the State of KS are willing to accept a Federal handout, when we refuse the Medicaid funding that will benefit thousands of KS residents. KS can take care of itself . We dont want the Feds telling us what to do with our farmland. Basically, the Corporate owned farmers are the ones screaming for relief .
The Family Farms are becoming things of the past , sad but true . Now Big AGRA Farms runs the show and the politicians.

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