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Town Talk: Arts project near Poehler building to seek city incentives; signs that art buying may be on the rebound in Lawrence; Eudora to host outdoor film series this summer

The LJWorld is very out of touch with the arts scene in Lawrence, both with its stories and with information. We will see if these to additions to East Lawrence will actually help Lawrence artists, or simply help the developers who are seeking public funds. I am skeptical.

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Chat about the Lawrence School Board race with candidate Mary Loveland

This statement is in regard to the school closings that Loveland pushed so hard for. Loveland states that "I believe that in an ideal district picture, schools would have at least 2 or 3 sections per grades. It is a much better situation for controlling class size." When Centennial closed, my son went to Cordley school. At Cordley, he had one class section for first grade that was very large. Decisions by Loveland when a board member have not been wise, and she will not get our vote.

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Museum progress

Did someone from Watkins Community Museum, or a friend of someone who works at the Museum, write this letter? The string of responses to Megan Helm's letters are surprising.

As a Lawrence resident, I personally don't believe Watkins is an active member of the community. As with any institution, there is room for improvement. However, all I see is people patting each other on the back. In each of these letters, the writers avoid addressing the issues by simply asking Ms. Helm to volunteer her time.

Volunteers are important, but probably they aren't in a position to help with long term goals of a museum. I usually don't respond to letters in the paper, but this is ridiculous.

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Should teachers get paid more for learning new skills or using new teaching strategies?

This is Karen Matheis responding to offtotheright's comment about my comment in today's paper. His comment was "figures Karen is a teacher in Lawrence! It's a damn good thing I haven't been thinking the way she has all of my working career. I would still be making minimum wage."
First, I do not work in Lawrence, I work in the Shawnee Mission school district. I chose to work there because the pay is significantly higher. Many good teachers are leaving Lawrence to go to higher paying school districts.
Second, when I answered this question, I was interested in teachers learning skills in many areas including technology. According to my son's principal at Cordley, a class monthly website (similar to one I create in the school I work at and would be helpful to parents) is not possible because there is lack of technology available. I was told that Cordley does not have a computer program that makes a website accessible to teachers. When a program is bought by the Lawrence School District to create a template for a class website for teachers, teachers will have to be trained on how to use this program. If teachers don't get paid to learn this new skill, they may or may not do it. You can argue whether it is right or wrong that teachers may not learn skills that would benefit their students. However, with an incentive, it would be more likely they would learn new skills.

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