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New law: Left lane only for passing

On your next highway drive count the number of speeders the police aren't catching to get an idea on how effective this law will be. There are thousands of people breaking the law speeding for every single left lane hog, and the cops don't do a thing about it.

Just another example of the legislature busy working on nothing.

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Cycling event rides into town on July 4 weekend

Scream like a caveman at the idiot car and truck drivers too, Defender. This noon I followed a car that ran 3 stops signs in a row (not even rolling stops), before running a red light. You get all worked up about the a-hole bikers, but there are many more a-hole car and truck drivers, and they are much more likely to cause injury and death. How about everyone, drivers, bikers, and pedestrians follow the law? Oh, that would be too much of a pain in the ass.

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Lawrence police arrest two after South Park robbery

I live within a few blocks of the police station, and called 911 to report a man and a woman who had stopped their car in the middle of the street and were beating each other up. I was told it had already been reported. The couple went at it for ten minutes, then got back in the car, and drove off. Cops showed up ten minutes after that.

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Teacher accusing district of political firing gets grievance hearing

The funniest part of this whole thing is that if our government really worked like Glenn Beck wants it to the teacher would still lose his job because there would be no funding for public education.

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Lawrence police begin ticketing those trespassing on Bowersock Dam

"...they witnessed a woman climb a barbed wired fence..."

No climbing is necessary. The fences are on the ground. They would have to be pulled out of the dirt, and erected properly to even imagine climbing them.

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Overflow homeless shelter at church closing after tonight because of liability concerns

I love it. Pro homeless guy, Kevin O'Brien threatens "Give us food, money, and shelter, or we'll come be annoying in YOUR neighborhood. We'll sleep in your yard!"

Hey Kev, tensions are rising all over. Be careful who's yard you decide to sleep in.

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Roberts wants Biden to see examples of wasteful stimulus spending while on trip to Kansas

"All you liberals loved to call Bush an idiot..."


Hmmm, I guess 78% of Americans are liberals.

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Tiller's family says Wichita abortion clinic to close permanently

This situation doesn't change anyone's mind on abortion. It doesn't change the law on abortion. It does show everyone that terrorism can be an effective way of enforcing one's own beliefs, and it will inspire some people. Expect more of the same and worse from extremists of all political and religious persuasions.

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Rare books at KU's Watson Library targeted by vandals

Get some student intern working on scanning these books so people can access the information without handling the valuable book.

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Two more Drano bombs explode in Eudora mailboxes

"But it is a typical overreaction to something that is basically harmless. These things are nothing more than noise makers."

Out in an empty field they are noise makers. In an unsuspecting someone's mailbox they are dangerous weapons with the intent to harm.

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