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Geary County officials uncover 830 pounds of marijuana during bust

In general prohibition has nothing but a failing record in the United States. In general every pothead in jail is a pothead we are paying approximately $24,000 a year for. It just doesn't make sense.




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Incoming KU student faces deportation after arrest

It would be easy to solve the illegal immigrant problem. Start putting the legal American citizens who make a profit from hiring illegal immigrants in jail. Then watch the economy collapse even further. Just look around, from the biggest chain stores and restaurants to small, local businessmen everyone seems to be hiring. I guess I could be wrong. Maybe all those guys at local construction sites who can't speak English did grow up in Kansas? Move along. These aren't the droids you're looking for.

This is a great country, and if I wasn't lucky enough to be born here I'd want to come, and so would you. Let's keep the hard workers and deport the folks who don't want to pay taxes. What they charge to live here is a bargain at twice the price (of course if we got the corporations out of DC it would cost half the price). Endless war, subsidized food and gas, and socialized capitalism that's too big to fail costs money so pony up, whiners. America, love it or leave it!

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Lawrence man says he's victim of a hate crime after assault on Mass. Street last Friday

Thank goodness we live in a society of laws instead of mob rule. No one, even if they make foolish decisions, deserves to be a victim of violent crime.

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More than $1 million worth of KU basketball, football tickets involved in ticket scam

He's saying "A black man got elected, and I'm so freaked out it's all I can think about!" It's the barrypenders posts that are incomprehensible.

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Should users who post comments on media Web sites have to use their real name?

For all the talk of harassment, the real reason people don't want to use real names is that they would be very embarrassed to have what they say online actually attributed to them. All the folks who enjoy ridiculing car crash victims wouldn't be able to have their fun.


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Revenue could drive talk of red-light cameras

"Oh whoa is me! I am an innocent victim of technology and greedy government! I know that it looks like I ran that red light, but my circumstances were different!"

Law breakers from traffic offenders to hard core prisoners always have excuses as to why they shouldn't have to pay the fine/punishment when they get caught.

Cameras on Mass St between 12th & 6th would be worth thousands of dollars a day. Although I'd like to get revenue from cyclists who run red lights/stop signs, and jaywalkers too. Why single out car drivers when it's obvious few people of whatever transportation mode are interested in obeying the law.

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Sauer-Danfoss to cut up to 15 percent of its East Hills Business Park workforce

These guys always seem to do pretty well whichever party is running the show. Hmmmm....


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Kobach says statement about Obama ‘just a joke’

The problem with America is the large percentage of morons on both sides. Anyone who thinks both sides haven't been dishing out plenty of insults for a couple of decades now just has their head shoved too far up their...

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Police surround Jayhawk Motel, apprehend juvenile robbery suspect

I expect to see all you LJW comment geniuses running for Sheriff and Police Chief next time. Then you can put your hot air into action instead of contributing to global warming.

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Biothreat lab awaits authorization, funding

Hilarious! Deadly germs okay, but GITMO prisoners too dangerous.

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