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Lawrence resident files lawsuit against Google

It amazes me how much time some people in this world have to file crap like this..and there are lawyers out there that take such cases..

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Lawrence resident files lawsuit against Google

Me thinks he/she was being a bit facetious? My sarcasm radar may be off though..

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Sound Off: Why is the city not concerned about the upkeep of trailer courts? We live next to two cou

As far as I can tell, Easy Living behind JC Penneys and Harper Woods near 23rd/Harper are the only one that seems to care about their neighborhood and upkeep. The other trailer courts in Lawrence range from eyesores to complete dumps..some of which, no human being should be subjected to the type of living conditions.

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Two Lawrence police officers suspended for role in fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets

They weren't "caught by an outside higher legal authority." Did you even read the article or did you just see that it was a police thread so you wanted to spread your own anti-police garbage on this blog as quickly as possible without reading the story. It states that the department received an anonymous tip in May and then the Chief REFERRED it to the Attorney General's Office for outside investigation, like he should have because of the potential that it rose to criminal charges.

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Two Lawrence police officers suspended for role in fixing traffic tickets in exchange for KU basketball tickets

Care to give us an example of these "bad experiences" and this "rampant corruption" that you were subjected to or did you just want to make a generalized statements without any facts presented whatsoever?

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Lawsuit: George Brett falsely advertises necklaces

And because Mr. Thompson is dumb and spent $30.00 on a silly product that shockingly did not work, he feels he is entitled to hundreds of thousands of dollars for pain and suffering? Give me a break. Give the man his $30.00 back and call it good.

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Hollywood Casino Opening

These people have THEIR OWN hard earned money(what's left of it after our socialist government takes a large chunk to support the freeloaders) and are of age to spend it how they please.

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2 teens still in critical condition after accident

I believe that intersection is set to flash red for E/W traffic and flash yellow for N/S traffic during those hours.. If I am correct, then the wb acura failed to yield r-o-w. Those flashing red intersections seem to confuse drivers who are intoxicated, among other traffic control devices...

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Lawrence man pleads no-contest to charge of domestic battery; prosecutors say he hit former girlfriend with glass

Probation Sale! Probation Sale! Come one, come all. Come to the great county of Douglas, commit any crime you want, and we promise you will only serve probation no matter the severity of the crime. God bless this great county and it's amazing criminal justice system.

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