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Behind the Lens: Photographers sum up KU’s big win against Missouri in photos

70-200 L Series. I love that lens. It's my all-around favorite. Versatile, super sharp, rugged and best of all lightweight. I bought mine from a friend 6 years ago for $200 and it hasn't let me down yet.

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The million comment countdown: Let the counting begin

In the immortal words of Seinfeld's Kramer.

"I'm out"!

I can only hope it's a jay "kerouac" bate novella. Something experimental, ringing of "On the Road". With the actual millionth coming near the middle of a 50,000 word, 17 post offering.

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First impressions

Everything I ever wanted to know at this point. Way to go Gary!

X sounds like the real deal.

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GameDay Cram Session: Sam Houston State

Very nice observations. You guys have a good thing there. Two things though. D.J., don't ever say "try not to get injured". That's the kiss of death. As soon as you think about getting injured, it happens. Let's hope it slides this week. I know what you meant, but the football world has strange, superstitious relationships with commentators. Like when a commentator says "They haven't fumbled in 29 years", and the ball immediately pops out.The other? In Lawrence you probably have tons of great local bands that could provide opening and closing music for the show. That stuff you have now is pretty bad. It sounds like a power chord, heavy metal starter kit.Overall though I love the casual approach and good insights. Good show.

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