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LJWorld.com, 6News to show fireworks live

Man! I'm sad to hear it wasn't good. My KC show was postponed...

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Community spirits: Investigating the paranormal activity at Lawrence Community Theatre


Always a great day when you can throw in a 'Ghostbusters' reference!

About the story, I believe that it is human nature to find something like this interesting. I enjoy watching these ghost hunter shows on TV (however unbelievable they may be). Glad to know Lawrence is giving Atchison a run for the haunted Kansas town title!

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House approves concealed carry on campus


I completely agree with your comment about faith. I feel like Americans don't trust each other anymore. I little more faith in the US would go a long way IMO...

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House approves concealed carry on campus

While as a student this scares me to a certain extent, I also have a large degree of faith that people aren't inherently bad. That being said, I'm OK with this. I agree with the comment that the VT gunman could have been stopped earlier had someone brought a licensed weapon to campus. I trust that screening process is not as flawed as some people think. I don't believe that the bill would have been passed otherwise.

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What grade would you give the Kansas University community, including university and city police, when it comes to handling student drinking?

Is this a joke? I'm a student, just turned 21, but I've basically been "21" for my entire time at KU. I've had 4 different fake IDs. Rarely did I need them at liquor stores. I even know of a friend who got into a bar with a fake ID of a different race. Why would anyone do anything if all of the bars and liquor stores are making the extra cash?

I really don't think the police care about this. Honestly I don't blame them. Getting "blasted" on the weekends in the freshman dorms is just as much as a tradition as the Rock Chalk chant.

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31st St. extension plans move ahead

Maybe ya'll could throw the brakes on this plan and fix your crumbling roads. I feel like a drunk trying to swerve to miss these potholes. When Lawrence roads are worse than KC(frickin)MO then you have issues.

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