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Basehor 17-year-old in serious condition after accident

Very disrespectful. No matter what your beliefs, cheeseburger was showing sympathy. You were using this story to show your views on an unrelated matter and there is no place for that here.

I wish everyone involved a speedy recovery.

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KU basketball player Mario Little arrested after altercation involving girlfriend, suspended indefinitely

This isn't Self's fault. Mario is the only one at fault here PENDING more information. What a shame though...

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Big "X-Fish" fossil on display at Kansas Union

just saw it and got a shark tooth. the thing is badass

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Federal charges filed against five former Kansas Athletics officials accused of stealing tickets from KU

Glad this is happening. For the amount of money that the KU alumni pour into the Williams Fund, it is only fair that the people that have been cheating those donors out of their deserved tickets be held responsible.

That said, I don't blame them for their actions. There weren't enough checks and balances in the system, and they exploited it. Right or wrong, they probably made a good chunk of money out of this. This isn't the first time something like this has happened and it won't be the last. Hopefully this strengthens the athletic department moving forward.

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Wrong way driver killed, at least one other person injured, in accident on K-10 between Eudora, De Soto Monday night


Thank God you're ok. I hope that no one else was killed.

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3-and-oh my! Cassel helps sizzling K.C. dominate 49ers

I agree with you through 2 games, but did you even watch this game yesterday? Cassel confidently threw every ball down field. He is getting more comfortable and has the tools to win. It's about being comfortable and confident.

If Cassel throws the ball this well for every game we will be tough to beat.

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Kansas City Zoo polar bear’s repetitive swimming worries some

i feel like I just need to leave this comment, i've had a polar bear as my picture for a while.

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Worth the Trip: Omaha

The ONLY good thing about Omaha is the Zoo. Really not a safe town, especially the Creighton area.

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Boy injured in car-bicycle accident

YES me too. However I rarely followed that order. It sounds like the kid is fine (thank God).

On another note, is it really safer for bicycles to ride in the road instead of the sidewalk? I don't believe it is....

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KU dance professor Janet Hamburg falls to her death in New York City

I pray for her and her family. But (true or false) all aspects of the story must be addressed. And if a detective that follows the case says something, it needs to be on here. Just my two cents.

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