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Mobile homes at Riverview Trailer Park declared unfit for habitation

They ought to check out 100 Arkansas. It was a nice trailer park 15-20 years ago...mostly older, retired couples. Now there is only a couple of trailers that look like are inhabitable and, according to my scanner, Police are there MULTIPLE times a day for theft, drugs and fights.

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Four teenagers arrested in connection with overnight crime spree across Lawrence


He got busted a few months ago for the same thing. As a matter of fact, my brother's car was hit that night. I personally like the comment "yep yep im not goin bacc".


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U.S. Attorney's office charges Lawrence men with methamphetamine trafficking

lilfoot (anonymous) says...

"the only relevant fact here is there are 3 families bein torn up and apart by a crime they didnt commit."

I can't help but believe that at least ONE person committed a crime. There have been relatives on this blog from all three of the accused pleading their father/cousin/grandfather/uncle's innocence. They can't all three be innocent. They have to have some kind of connection to the crime, whether it be manufacturing, using, or just owning the property that crimes were commited.

"i have compassion for everyone involved including the addicts recieving the drug."

So, are you saying that they are, in fact, guilty? Again, if there were drugs on the property, whether the accused were manufacturing them or using, they are, in fact, guilty.

People are stating that they were set up. Law Enforcement buying drugs or visiting the house undercover is not a set up. It happens all of the time, it's called a sting operation and is perfectly legal assuming that it is done correctly. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sting_op...

Again, it was a big enough operation (not to mention the monumental amount of secrecy involved) that I have to believe that there was something big going on out there, but I guess we'll see as time goes on. My hopes are that the guilty go to prison, get the help that they need, get discharged and stay clean. I also hope that the innocent (if there is any) takes this as a learning experience and steers clear of people like this in the future.

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cg22165 (Anonymous) says…

"Shovel a new spot next to the one you just cleared. Be sure to dump the snow around the offending vehicle."

I like this option. Nothing illegal about it, and it gets your point across. I would like to believe that anyone with a shred of decency would refrain from parking in a spot that someone has more-than-obviously painstakingly cleared for themselves.

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What is your favorite pumpkin-flavored food?

My wife's homemade pumpkin cheesecake. If you haven't tried it, you ought to. Kind of funny, but I don't even like pumpkin pie!

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22-year-old homeless man charged in home invasion case

"I'm confused, if he was homeless, why was he in Jayhawk Motel?"

Well, he did get $7, which is more than enough for a night or two at the Jayhawk Motel.

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Woody Park’s supporters plead for new parking lot elsewhere

I do think that people are too lazy to walk, but I also see Arkansas Street every day. Cars are lined up all the way down the West side of the road from Third Street to the trailer court. I feel sorry for the people that live on that street. I have also had doctors appointments at the hospital, and had to drive through multiple lots to find an available slot. Of course, I drive a full size pickup, and the parking spaces are pretty narrow, so I am a little picky;-)

A parking garage would be the best answer, but if they aren't going to spring for one, then I will refer to my previous post and reiterate that they need to purchase the properties to the West. Those poor people can't hardly get in and out of their driveways during the week.


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Woody Park’s supporters plead for new parking lot elsewhere

The hospital just needs to suck it up and purchase the houses to the west of it. They already purchased the land to the east of it, (health center) and the southwest of it (more parking). Most hospitals in the Kansas City and Topeka areas do not have this problem, as they purchased more than enough land before construction even began. Lawrence is a growing community, and the hospital needs to quit taking baby steps and start planning for the future.

It seems like every few years they add a small wing on, or they build another parking lot. I say buy rest of the block to the southwest and the block directly to the west. Then they would have plenty of parking AND they could add on larger wings so they would have plenty of room for quite a few years. The money that they would save doing it in one big chunk, (rather than a lot of smaller ones) could be applied towards the purchase of state of the art equipment and top notch doctors and nurses.


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Woody Park’s supporters plead for new parking lot elsewhere

“I would love to see it stay there. But I know that there are things that surround (the park) where it is not useable in the capacity that it used to be,”--Like the trailer court. I used to play ball at Woody park all of the time when I was younger (and skinnier). I wouldn't let my kids play there today...at least not alone, that is. I think that the hospital and the city needs to take a closer look at that trailer court and talk to the owner about it. I know people have to have a place to live, but come on! If you don't know what I am talking about, I invite you to listen to the police scanner on the weekends, and just take a drive through there.


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Hospital, Lawrence city leaders to discuss future of Woody Park

What they NEED to do is purchase that good-for-nothing (except drug deals) mobile home community at 100 Arkansas. They could build a parking garage where the lot is on the NW corner of the property and move the out building they currently have (for maintenance equipment, etc) on that lot to the trailer park. They need a place for all of their lawn equipment, tractors, etc., and the trailer park would be a good place to keep them.

I say leave the Woody Park alone. Maybe more people would utilize the park if the trailer park was gone.


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