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Brownback says Kansas will always be part of United States

First off, the constitution says absolutely NOTHING about secession. you should be ashamed of yourself for not fact-checking when posting something you call "news".

Beyond that, I would have to agree that secession talk is just that, talk, but we're more divided now than ever and this country is not headed toward any great unification anytime soon.

Federal law and state law seem to be coming into conflict on a weekly basis over the past several years. Between campaign-finance, drug laws, gay-rights, abortion, immigration, healthcare and other areas, it would seem our "republic" has transitioned into more of an oligarchy in which the moneyed elites make decisions for the rest of the population without any consideration for due process. While the states & the people therein (which are guaranteed the right to make decisions on 100% of everything that's not detailed within the constitution) have one point of view, the will of the people is being overturned by a corporate-owned federal government.

I know most of you are too frightened or too stupid to worry about this, but there's definitely a storm brewing. We saw just how frustrated the super-far left wing was with the Occupy Movement. We saw how angry the super-far-right was a few years earlier with the Tea Party movement. Since then we've seen a huge swath of Republicans completely disenfranchised after the GOP violated its' own rules and overturned Ron Paul's campaign victories in several states during the primaries. We've seen righteous indignation by business-owners at the prospect of having to actually insure their workers' health. We've seen equally righteous indignation from the working poor who exist as debt-slaves with absolutely no chance of ever achieving "the American Dream".

Make no mistake, while secession may not be the way things move, the divisions in this formerly-great nation will only grow and at some point in the not-so-distant future, there will be a revolution of some kind.... the only question is whether it's a revolution by and for the people, or we transition to a more openly fascist (or corporate-feudalist) society.

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