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Police review board possible

Innocent until proven guilty.......anyone here remember a little thing called the Constitution? And by the way, nekansan, all that we are asking for is an investigation. LPD is innocent until proven guilty, but they shouldn't get away with this without some kind of investigation.

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Police review board possible

Cops who do their job have nothing to worry about. Instead of asking why, let's ask, why not?

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FBI inquiry stalled by lack of formal complaint

Sounds like Sanders (who is known in real life as detective so-and-so) has had each and every one of his lame comments destroyed.

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FBI inquiry stalled by lack of formal complaint

Sanders, sounds like you abide by the old LPD game of bait and switch, smoke and morrors, and anything else to deflect attention away from what's really going on. Anybody else out there notice that as soon as the story broke about the FBI investigating the LPD we learned that Lawrence "MAY" have a serial rapist. SAME EXACT DAY!!!! Of course, Sanders, if I recall correctly there was NO information contained in that story that would make us think that those four rapes were connected. In today's age, if a serial rapist is on the prowl he will be leaving matching DNA, fingerprints, something. Of course no mention of anything like that on the story, just enough info. to make us scared and grateful for the LPD. Didn't work on me and I hope it didn't work on others.

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FBI inquiry stalled by lack of formal complaint

I can give you some specifics, Sanders. Cops in this town have followed innocent citizens trying to intimidate them. Cops in this town have forced innocent citizens into vehicles and driven them to the police station against their will for hours of interrogation. Cops in this town have offered innocent citizens money in order to go into the Yellow House store and try to sell the Neighbors (also innocent citizens) "stolen goods." Since the police are clearly in possession of what they have determined to be stolen goods, how is it that they are not an accessory to a crime if they give these items to others to sell at the Yellow House store???? VERY INTERESTING QUESTION.....

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Police review board possible

Name one person out there who has no one or no thing to answer to. Some of you police officers who spend your mornings blogging seem to think that any kind of oversight is bad. Well, of course it's bad for you!!!!! You will have to start following the rules. boo hoo.......If the rest of us don't follow the rules, we get arrested. If the cops don't follow the rules, they get promoted. There is definitely something wrong with that. Good job, City Commission. Don't let these cops continue to fester.

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