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Proposed cuts to corrections system could endanger Kansans, secretary says

It is high time that the citizens of Kansas & the Legislators grow a backbone to the broken record pitch of Secretary of Corrections Ray Robert- Every year about this time, he spends his wheels threatening the Legislature about the "Safety threats on the Community" Never once mentions any of the abuse of power operating so freely in several of his prisons in the state- Just once I would love to hear Ray Roberts explain the oppressive rules designed to bring out the rage too often in these men. By the time the public views the damage, we are snowballed into believing the worst of the inmates, and not the conditioning that has taken place in a mental torture units of segregation- Once again, Dr Ray, is counting on a Legislature that fails to audit the innerworkings of the prisons, the disciplinary procedures, cultural trainings, the consistency of policies and procedures from one facility to the next- By all means every visitor into the facilities should be surveyed for an examined cost saving improvement- It's never been done, so what negative inferences can be made, certainly the combined experiences of these families could provide deep insight into the corruption operating within this professional setting that invokes public fear tactics of closings and cutbacks at the mere thought of budget cuts- Until we demand transparency, sound policy decisions, educational equity that promotes wellness and rehabilitaton on public display in the Kansas Department of Corrections "We the People" need to scrutinize all efforts by the heads in charge, before we yield to any more Safety Threats" tied to funding.

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