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Kansas Senate to debate proposed public pensions fix

What about the "new" HB 2333? See website:


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Statehouse Live: Senate committee approves bill blasted by unions

It is my money and no one has the right to tell me how I can spend it!! I have my rights and they are about to be trampled on. What next, are they going to tell me what else I can or cannot invest in or support?

When and when will the first injunction and lawsuit be filed?? This has to be against the law. If it isn’t, then this state and nation are in very serious trouble.

All of us have a right to spend our money where we want to. So we need to send a strong message to the organizations supporting this measure and we must speak with our wallets by boycotting. Let’s start with the members of local Chamber of Commerce. If they are a member, we don’t do business with them and we go into their place of business and tell them so!! These businesses are in part supporting this legislation. Send them the message this is NOT acceptable!!

Boycott!! Boycott!! Boycott!!!

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Wisconsin Democrats in All Out Rebellion

Excellent statistics!!!

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Critics say religious freedom bill in Kansas House discriminates against gay people

Who's god? Yours, mine, theirs, or just the "god" you happen to worship?

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No major declines in Douglas County home values in 2010

Please note: Real estate appraisal is done by the county not the cities.

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Neighbors volley concerns about lighted tennis courts near Lawrence High School

Gosh!! What next? People at the facilities will need to keep their noise/cheering to a specified level. Really, how many nights are the lights going to be on. Not for the last 90 days!! In the summer there is a significant amount of sunlight late into the evening. Heck, use the evenings in the summer when the lights are on and it's cooler to mow the lawn!!

What were people thinking when they moved close to a school? No traffic, no noise, no parking issues, no kids playing, laughing and having fun? Oh, I forgot and the darn marching band is playing to loud too early in the morning or too late at night!! So now you’re saying, “I don't like all of this so you other people have stop!!”.

A parallel would be to buy a house next to a busy road and then be pissed because the passing vehicles were making too much noise or buy a house next to a golf course and be pissed becuase there's noise early in the morning and people keep hitting golf balls into my yard.

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Board of Regents calls 7.5 percent pay cut to state employees ‘unfair’

Let's expand this proposal to all full or partially state funded employees including K-12, cities and the counties!! Heck we might as well spread the pain across the state. Everyone should suck it up!!

Here’s another money saving idea. Cut all high school athletics. There would be saving by not having to pay coaches, referees, janitorial staff, security, and scorekeepers. There would a savings from a reduction in electricity use, less gas use for the cars of parents and other students to travel to the event. This would also have a positive impact on the environments.

Why are the athletics organization always excluded from cuts?

Take these savings and give it to the universities to maintain their building and keep their federal money or give it back to the state.

By including more people, and eliminating these unnecessary school activities, we might need to reduce the pay by say only 1 or 2%.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas House budget committee approves proposal to cut state employees' pay by 7.5 percent

What the he..l is this?

"At regents universities, the cut salaries could be re-directed to fixing a backlog of repairs and maintenance of campus buildings. DeGraaf said it was necessary to keep higher education funding at a level that would satisfy federal requirements to get stimulus funds."

Redirected? How is this going to add to the "bottom line"? Hey, I thought you conservatives were opposed to federal government stimulus spending; now you think it’s something good?

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