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Four Topeka men to face trial in alleged K2 robbery at Lawrence McDonald's

They look like outstanding young men!

god, losers.

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KU freshman Ben McLemore declares for NBA Draft

Go to bed, old man.

Obviously, you have no idea what youre talking about..

Dont forget to DVR matlock and walker, idiot.

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Lawrence preschoolers witness Black Hawk helicopter landing

Pile on, haters.

Lighten up, its a cool helicopter.

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KU men look to defend Big 12 title streak today at Baylor

Youre embarrassing, seriously

Again, please stop. You have no clue.

way to support the team, idiot

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Notebook: Elijah Johnson quiet after loss; Jeff Withey, Ben McLemore named Wooden finalists

Youre an idiot.

Stop posting, you have no idea what youre talking about.

Go cheer for MU or KST

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Kansas’ Andrew White III student of game

comparing him to teahan? thats gotta sting

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How should U.S. respond to violence?

Hopefully, now we'll pull out of these crapholes.

Let these countries fend for themselves

The US is wasting money, time and lives

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Protests against film spread in Mideast; 1 killed

Nice lol

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Protests against film spread in Mideast; 1 killed

Do any of these loser "extremists" have jobs? or any intelligence?

Its a you tube video. Get over it.

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Boy ready for next summer after heat cuts mowing season short

lighten up, francis

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