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Town Talk: Magazine looks to publish local mug shots; sand pit near Eudora gets delayed; homeless shelter questions mount

agreed. What we need is not more sensationalism, it's less.

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Uneven destinations plague 'Sister Cities'

I disagree with this review of the script. It does rely on a tired difficult-family-reunion story format, but the events of the play (and some of the actions of the characters) elevate the stakes of the play WELL beyond "what will it be like at their next reunion". While some of the language is more definitely more cliched than I like, the play's heightened tension, particularly at the end of the first and beginning of the second act, give the play an interesting arms-reach of its own.

I think the idea of this play attempting to "portray a realistic version of a family" in an incorrect view of the play. I will agree that while the script itself is certainly not populated by unique, once-in-the-theatre personalities, I would argue that its archetypal, two-and-a-half-dimensional characters are exactly what the play write and the completed work were aiming for. While I would also liked to have seen the sisters written with more distinct, Individualizing characterization, I don't believe that the play write was attempting to make them a "realistic version of a family".

I agree that the performances were very good to Excellent, and that some moments in particular stood out as very effective.

Overall, this production, while not one of my top five favorite plays seen at KU, rests at least soundly in the upper half.

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