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Court blocks grand jury's access to abortion provider's records

beobachter, I signed the petition. So did Mrs 'Brown'. We would enjoy it if Dr Tiller attempted to sue us. We have the ability to defend ourselves, too. Our signatures do not reflect the opinions of KFL, operation rescue, etc etc. They are our beliefs and ours alone. Perhaps the Ks Supreme Court should revoke our right to petition a grand jury (a right granted by the Legislature). It would not be the first time jurists in this country added or removed rights at a whim w/out any input from the People. Like in 1972. Or 1856. If you want to live in an oligarchy made up of lawyers, be my guest. I'll stick w/ the Republic we have.

February 5, 2008 at 6:52 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

"A.C." right for wrong sport

Been waiting for this kind of guy since Mason left. Big and nasty and ugly. Gonna be a great year.

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House renovated for scholarship hall community center dedicated

Mrs Strait didn't care. I pulled the beer cans outta the hedge there every Saturday am for 10 years (85 to 95). Used to trim that darn magnolia tree after every frost (the University wisely ditched that thing but Mrs Strait loved it). I remember her telling me one week in the early 90s after she'd signed all the paperwork that the Chancellor had called and told her the house wouldn't be demolished. She had assumed they'd turn it into a parking lot. Mrs Strait loved her house and that spot in the universe and would be tickled pink by all of this.

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