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Ex-KU coach Mark Mangino building happy, healthy life at alma mater

Good job, coach. Thanks for the memories in Memorial. That UNL game in 2005 was absolutely glorious as was the Mizzou games in 2003/08. Just wished we'd have nailed the Huskers up in Lincoln in 2006.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Beat Mizzou

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Heard on the Hill: KU fundraising campaign still moving along silently; look for honorary degrees to be awarded at the 2012 commencement; I'm looking for ways budget cuts affect you

We haven't given raises for 3 years at my shop. We'll have to this year to keep people happy. I'd imagine KU will give the raises when necessary. Appears to me the Legislature is doing what most businesses do during hard times. You don't give raises for no reason. You give em to keep the folks you need.

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Kansas Legislature's lack of funding hurts KPERS

Even the well funded public employee retirement funds in the country (Ill, New Jersey, California) are in trouble due to the state budget crunches. They are solvent now but are taking an ever increasing chunk of the state budget. I believe that the New York system alone needs a $20 billion increase in order to maintain its current obligations. Due to the fact these states are all operating under multi-billion $ annual deficits, polititians are going to be asked to maintain retiree benefits at the expense of current funds to provide for education. Watch how Govenor Christy in New Jersey is attacking this issue. Outside of the NEA/public employee unions, KPERS et al have no allies in state budget fights. They will lose.

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KU football offense historically bad in 2010, and what it means for 2011

No mention of the injuries on the offensive line? I believe this had more to do w/ the offense's problems than folks realize. Only one guy started uninjured all 12 games, the right tackle played on a broken foot, the center's back injury obviously kept him from keeping in shape as he had done the previous two years. I know the receivers looked horrible in Big 12 play (especially Missoura/UNL) but literally the Oline was capable of executing maybe two running plays (the isolation to Sims/Sands, the quick sweep to Beshears) at the end of the season. It's a miracle we had any QBs left after the rushes being put on KU towards the end.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Beat Mizzou

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The calm after the storm

No need to change the name. This isn't the 'calm after the storm.' It is merely the intermission. UT will be coming for more. That part by Larry Scott about dumping Okie State for KU gives me some hope for the next round. Better start packing the ammo now and get Air Force/BYU in the Norte. Air Force won't take any teXass crap and BYU's enthusiasm might embarrass the he!! outta of teXass and take the wind outta their sail. Like when Chris Simms was their QB.

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KU’s Self excited that Big 12 will survive

I suppose we could just run away and hide like the Buffs. Where are ya'll gonna go when USC bends ya'll over next time? UT is teaching folks some lessons. I'm pretty sure that lesson is being learned in Tuscaloosa/Columbus/LA. It ain't been learned yet in Corvallis/Oxford/Evanston. You're missing the big picture.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

Let's get on w/ rebuilding this conference w/out all the confrontation between Dr Tom/the Erkels in Columbia and UT. We need a nice, midwestern style to nudge UT where we want em. The nice, lady Chancellor backed by a backstabbing Sweet Lew is the team for the job. And we need some allies. The future is in the west. When the Big 12 formed in 1996, Utah had 1.7 million folks and Colorado 3.2 million. Now, Utah has 2.8 million and Colorado 5 million. If trends continue, they'll be the size of Indiana/Ohio in 15 more years. If your game is teevee sets, you need to hitch your wagon to the fastest horse. Dumping Nebraska for Utah is a no-brainer and we need to hold on to the Denver market. Rebuild this conference w/ BYU and Colorado State or Air Force. My preference would be the AFA if they want it. Besides the teevee sets, neo-con BYU/AirForce/aTm would be a nice counterweight to ultralibs in Austin. Plus, Baptists vs Mormons would be dam fun.

To he!! w/ Ar-kansas. They patsies when it comes to UT.

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Next-best fit for KU? Big/Pac-20

Tom, you're not playing the game. If the scenarios go according to plan, KU/KSU/ISU/CUorBU will be sitting on a pile of money. $10 million per 8 schools withdrawal penalties, 50% of withdrawing schools teevee profits for the next two years, ownership of the Big 12 title and BCS rights and ownership of Big 12 teevee deals thru 2015. If you make the right moves rebuilding the Big 12, I'm sure Fox et al will pay up to avoid a hole in their sports scheduling. And, if the Chancellor plays the game and Lew gets his head on straight, you might build a great Rocky Mountain/Midwest BCS conference where KU/CU are the kingpins and not UT/UNL. Honestly, Bohn nees to get his head on straight out at CU and realize the windfall he could be bring to Denver if he plays the cards properly.

And, honestly, you ought to be looking foward to trips to Colorado Springs/Fort Collins/Provo/Salt Lake City. You cannot tell me that a quick jaunt up to Park City and some beautiful Utah powder afore the Hawks play in a sold out pro arena isn't infinitely more appealing than Lubbock.

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Biggest, longest lasting impact of ticket scandal at Kansas University may have very little to do with tickets

Jim Marchiony isn't thinking about the past, SFBayhawk. It's all about fixing the problems, taking care of the 'kids' and the future. Jim wasn't involved. Rather, it was the ubiquitous 'them'. And 'thems' is already gone.

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Police find unloaded gun in LHS student's car

How times have changed. In 1985, I used to have a shotgun and a rifle on a gun rack in my pickup which I parked at my high school every morning. If it were hot, I'd leave the windows down. I was disciplined for other things but never heard a word about my guns. And, honestly, my pickup wasn't the best armed in the parking lot.

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