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Editorial: CURB detour

The key fact here: the people trying to destroy CURB were appointed by Brownback.

When will the Journal-World apologize for their endorsement of this evil man for re-election? When will Dolph Simons accept "personal responsibility" as Republicans are supposed to do?

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Battle lines being drawn over school district 'realignment' bill

The amount of sympathy I have for the impacted districts is directly proportional to how much they voted for Brownback and the GOP in the 2014 election.

For example, if the district voted 57 percent for Brownback, I feel sorry and have sympathy for all children, plus 43 percent of the voting population, plus adults who are not eligible to vote. The 57 percent of voters plus any eligible voter who did not vote, deserves what they get.

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Editorial: Strategy lacking

The Journal World endorsed Brownback. When will you retract that endorsement?

The state hospitals are in such dire condition due to lack of funding. Workers are underpaid and benefits constantly under threat. Why would anyone work under such conditions? They need more money to hire more staff and improve facilities.

Ah, but Brownback would rather keep his tax cuts for businesses in place than provide such funding.

Dolph Simons, when will you take responsibility for what your man Brownback has done?

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Kansas would have fewer school districts under new proposal

IIRC, Bradford is the guy who posted racist Facebook caricatures a few weeks ago. No surprise he has his target set on school districts.

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Report calls for overhauling school finance

This is all pointless and irrelevant....the Supreme Court will order funding increased and the old formula restored later this year.

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Draft report: Overhaul of Kansas school funding needed

Wow...they are considering not complying with Federal rules? That's code for things like "drop special education requirements".

They are planning on gutting the public schools completely.

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The Lawrence argument that won't end: To build more retail or to not build more retail; commissioners prepare to hear SLT shopping center proposal on Tuesday

As for the KTen project, I am all for developing that area. I am not overly impressed with this specific proposal from this specific North Carolina group....I'd rather someone local be building it as long as it isn't Fritzel, or at least have something with more of a green or Lawrence character than what has been presented.

But in general I would probably vote for this with some hesitation.

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The Lawrence argument that won't end: To build more retail or to not build more retail; commissioners prepare to hear SLT shopping center proposal on Tuesday

If I had any capital (which I don't), I'd be building a gas station and attached fast food restaurant with drive-thru out near Rock Chalk, grab all those people getting on and off K-10. Huge opportunity there...hard to believe none of the local business types have done that yet.

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Editorial: Wake-up call

Destruction of the state government through under-funding and poor management is a feature, not a bug, of the Brownback Administration.

The Journal-World endorsed Brownback knowing about such problems. This and similar problems are on your heads and should be on your consciences. When will the editorial page apologize for that decision?

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Prison overcrowding expected to get attention next session

How about reduce or eliminate most sentences for non-violent drug offenses?

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