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Poll shows Clinton leading in Kansas; broad dissatisfaction with Legislature

The election boils down to this: do you trust an unstable and ignorant person like Donald Trump with nuclear weapons?

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Saturday Column: Standoff damaging to state’s schools and image

I see Trabert is putting down his marker: vouchers (which wouldn't do my special ed son a damn bit of good) and the Legislature trying to destroy the courts with this ridiculous "indemnify against contempt of court" proposal.

The legislature just can't pass a law saying "person X gets to ignore the court." It's a court order. Violating it is a criminal act. Planning to commit a crime is conspiracy. If the legislature and governor ignore a court order, they are criminal conspirators.

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Editorial: Hospital funds

This wouldn't be an issue except for Governor Brownback's insane tax cuts.

When will Dolph Simons apologize for endorsing him for re-election?

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Editorial: Desperate step

When will the Journal World apologize for endorsing the cretin Brownback for re-election?

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Kansas panels approve extra $17M for state mental hospitals

I'm sure Trabert has some suggestions for how mental hospitals can operate more efficiently. The mentally ill just need to stop being so lazy and get healthy faster.

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

Good point. I did not mean to disparage snakes.

How about ticks? Or disease-carrying mosquitoes?

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

The whole point of Brownback in the beginning was to shrink state government even if it was against the will of the voters. It is an ideological project and his narrow re-election in 2014 guaranteed it would go this far.

My guess is that he does not care if this costs the GOP statehouse seats in 2016 and the governorship in 2018. By that point, the damage will be done, government functions will be shrunk/privatized and much of the education system turned over to the private sector.

The point they miss is that government jobs (schools, hospitals, etc.) are the only things keeping much of rural Kansas afloat. Knock those out, the economy as a whole dies. But they either don't know or don't care and believe they can ram this through before the voters can stop them.

It is ideological insanity but that is more important to them than people's lives.

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

the other thing is the school finance decision. Let's game this out.

A) The court will rule in favor of the school districts this summer and order a spending increase.
B) Brownie and the legislature will say there is no money
C) The court will say, that's your problem, increase funding even if it means rescind the tax cut
D) Brownie and the leg will say no
E) Trigger Constitutional crisis, as Brownie and leg push for overthrowing the court system this fall.

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Brownback administration proposes massive cuts to cover Kansas' projected revenue shortage

The only solution is either raise taxes, or start shutting down entire departments and eliminate more school funding.

The thing is, I don't think the legislature has the votes for either option, so they are going to hope Brownie can just do the "allotment cuts" and dismantle the government while shielding the legislators from blame.

We know this was the plan all along of course, even while snakes like Trabert tried to convince people otherwise.

The only solution is to vote out every state legislator who cooperated with Brownie and listened to Trabert, and elect a Democratic governor in 2018 to try and salvage the mess, assuming there is anything left to salvage.

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Republican lawmakers lose patience with Brownback tax cuts amid budget crisis

What this tells me is that even some of the conservatives are feeling the heat from their constituents and are starting to worry about their re-election.

The school districts are the largest employers in many small towns, as are the rural hospitals. They are all suffering with the budget cuts and the refusal to expand Medicaid and they can't hold out much longer. Brownback policies will destroy thousands of jobs in rural Kansas and the constituents are figuring this out.

So, it boils down to this: will the house and senate listen to their voters, or will they keep listening to arsenic-oil salesmen like Trabert and the delusional puppet governor?

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