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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

hahaha.....oh I am certainly no conservative. I am very liberal. Anyone who has read my comments over the years should know that.

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Editorial: Budget blackmail?

I have to agree with Kevin G. It is NOT like North Korea. Or Soviet Russia. Or Nazi Germany. Brownback for all his faults is not imprisoning or killing his political opponents.

Now, all that said, the attempt to defund the judiciary if it makes "wrong" choices is profoundly corrupt and against all American principles. It is not totalitarian. But it is wrong, and immoral, and puts the lie to the GOP mantra about "respect for the law."

Brownback and the legislature are not Nazis or North Koreans. They are, however, corrupt, vindictive, hypocritical, bigoted, short-sighted, borderline criminal, and anti-American.

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Senate panel advances $496 million tax package

This isn't ideal but it is most likely the best thing we will get out of this legislature. It beats gutting what is left of the state government or cutting school funding further, which would be the other options.

I would still prefer cutting taxes on the poor and raising them on the rich, but I'm a dirty commie.

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Report: Kansas employment growth lags nation

Trabert always disappears for a while when someone calls him out effectively.

This, plus layoffs that are starting in school districts, show that the KPI agenda simply does not work. Unfortunately people who are ideologically driven like KPI will discard facts if they go against their ideology, or will twist facts to MAKE them fit.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

On another website, a frequent commentator here on the LJW website was interviewed by a reporter and says he agrees with the sign. I won't post it, but it was an article on the website one of the Kansas City news stations if you want to look and see who among the frequent posters agrees with Bob.

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A prominent goodbye sign from defunct Payless Furniture that labels Lawrence 'Obamaville' and much more

Politics is one thing.....frankly people post similar rhetoric to this every day on this website.

But the attack on disabled people. . . what an absolute disgrace. A reprehensible and morally filthy disgrace.

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Letter: Fighting for schools

Oh, I know lots of history, having read very broadly in politics, economics, and history, including anarchist writings, and conservative writings, and Marxist writings, and everything in between. The free market is very good at providing things like toothpaste. It has not proven to be very good at other things such as providing an education for all people, or a clean environment, and other forms of necessary public provision, which is why many government programs existed in the first place, because the marketplace didn't deal well with a particular social need.

Marxists go wrong because they perceive people as just being parts of economic classes. Anarchists and libertarians and Objectivists go wrong because they perceive people as atomized individuals and not part of groups. Human beings are BOTH: we are individuals AND we are parts of groups. The individual cannot thrive without some forms of social support, and the broader group cannot thrive without individuals having broader freedoms. We are individuals and we are also social animals at the same time.

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Letter: Fighting for schools

Really? There are people here who do argue that.

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Letter: School questions

Do some Googling folks. Destruction of the Federal government is the goal of some people here. They've written books about it.

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Attorney: Kansas need not have best school funding system

Well they just admitted that money DOES matter in education. They just admitted that they don't care or even strive to have the best education system.

Talk about low expectations.

Someone needs to expose the "conservative movement" for what it really is. It is not conservative at all, not in a traditional sense. It is a radical right-wing movement bent on the destruction of the government as it has existed since at least the 1930s, if not the 1860s, and a return to a neo-feudal way of life.

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