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Lawrence superintendent testifies against a bill to repeal Common Core standards

Has Dave Trabert shown up lately? Does he have anything to say about school districts having to eliminate summer school programs? What ever happened to 'no reduction in services'?

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Editorial: Opposing view

Willful disobedience of a court order is a criminal act. Planning a criminal act ahead of time is conspiracy.

If what Waugh suspects is true, the leaders of the Kansas government are engaged in criminal conspiracy.

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Immigration efforts designed to protect Kansans, Kobach says; attorney says hundreds in Lawrence would be hurt

Kris Kobach, not Sam Brownback, is the most dangerous politician in Kansas. He equals Brownback in shamelessness but is a more effective liar and more telegenic.

Kobach has presidential ambitions. Mark my words. He's dangerous.

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Saturday Column: Why don’t legislators see value of higher education?

Maybe because the Kansas GOP does not support higher education? They have made this very clear in both rhetoric and action over the last few years.

As a prominent GOP supporter, Mr. Simons is either a disingenuous liar or dangerously naive.

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Governor seeks study of big changes to KPERS

Gee.....I wonder if Dave Trabert can give us some investment tips on what financial services company will "administer" KPERS?

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Editorial: Passing the buck?

Dave Trabert......Dave Trabert.....<crickets>


Somewhere, Trabert laughs while cashing another Koch brothers check.

December 16, 2014 at 9:22 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Brownback: It's up to Legislature to cut budget

Never forget: the goal of Sam Brownback and Dave Trabert is the dismantling of state government by any means necessary, to enrich their wealthy donors at the expense of the general public good. The plan all along was to force these stupid tax cuts, blow the budget, then dismantle the government and turn everything over to privatization because "there is no money."

When Sam Brownback and Dave Trabert talk of liberty and freedom, they mean liberty and freedom for the strong and powerful to dominate the weak and helpless. They mean liberty and freedom for the Koch Brothers to poison the air and water. They mean liberty and freedom for fundamentalist churches to dominate the education system at the expense of science and reason.

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Kansas school efficiency panel reaches few agreements for new legislation

Looks like Dave Trabert isn't going to get his way on forcing the school districts to ignore prudent fiscal management by blowing all their cash balances.

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Brownback: It's up to Legislature to cut budget

So much for "personal responsibility." It is NEVER Brownback's fault. Always someone else to blame. the legislature.

Still waiting on the craven coward Dave Trabert to show up and defend all this.

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Editorial: ‘First steps’

Where is the craven coward Dave Trabert?

The world wonders.

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