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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

None of these proposed "religious liberty" laws will stand up in court. This is yet another waste of time and taxpayer money.

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Editorial: Kasold options

Thank you for posting that Carol. I now understand why this is being proposed and it makes more sense.

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Kansas school funding still a 'wild card' after GOP budget deal

The Court will order funding increased. And the Legislature will refuse to do it. Mark my words.

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Kansas representative faces hearing over 'racist' remarks

Funny how that conservative representative who talked about shooting immigrants like hogs from helicopters didn't have to go through this process.

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Editorial: Kasold options

I don't mind the neighborhood ones. The one on Wakarusa is great if traffic is light and a real pain if it is heavy since lots of people don't know how to use it. The one on Clinton Parkway is ridiculous and should never have been built.

I live near Kasold and would use this proposed intersection at least twice a day. The roundabout itself might be OK but narrowing the road seems like a really bad plan.

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Editorial: Bad to worse

Hey when are you going to go work for KPI? You have about as much credibility as Trabert.

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Brownback urges GOP to reach consensus; sets Monday deadline

Yep. The Block Grant budget probably is unconstitutional...the testimony of everyone except paid liar Trabert pretty much shows this, the cuts are real and already impacting programs.. and if they go through with the allotment cuts Monday it would get even worse.

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Brownback urges GOP to reach consensus; sets Monday deadline

Quick bullet point update on Kansas political crisis:

***This IS a political crisis, not just a fiscal one. What is happened is that rhetoric has finally caught up with reality. All the legislators who talk about "shrinking government" have found themselves recoiling from the cuts necessary to actually do that. Even some Repubs are saying that too many people would be hurt by the cuts and they don't want to put their names on the cuts.

***However, they don't have the votes to raise taxes to avert the cuts. So the plan apparently is to punt it all to Brownback and let him do massive across-the-board cuts which would have a devastating effect on the state.

***It seems however that Brownback himself, the cretin, doesn't want to take the responsibility for the cuts and is begging the legislature to save his ass by passing a sales tax increase.

***However, given Brownback's track record of betraying his own legislative allies in the past, they don't seem inclined to bail him out.

***Lurking in the weeds lies the Kansas Supreme Court, which has yet to rule on the school finance lawsuit. Even if Brownback goes ahead with the cuts, the Supreme Court may invalidate them as unconstitutional.

***Ultimately, the incompetence, ideological nonsense, and corruption that infests Kansas government reflects the incoherence of the voting public. The population doesn't want to pay taxes, but they don't want their services and schools cut, either.

The legislature is infested with idiots because the majority of Kansas voters ARE idiots.

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Vouchers and tax lid part of latest budget package

Destruction of public education is a feature, not a bug, for the Kansas legislature.

Haven't seen Trabert around these parts lately. Wonder what craven things he is up to?

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Schools bracing for possible future cuts

But this is all lies! All those staffers being laid off in KCK...that's not really happening. Dave Trabert tells me so.

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