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Letter: Safest route

We agree on the roundabout William. But we disagree on the lane reduction, which still seems ridiculous to me. The Wakarusa model shows that you can have a four-lane road with a roundabout without any issues.

Reducing capacity on Kasold is simply foolish in my view. A roundabout with a four-lane road would increase safety and improve flow WITHOUT reducing capacity. That's the way to go.

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Letter: Safest route

Why is it necessary to reduce capacity on a major artery street in a city that is planning to grow?

Why isn't this question answered?

Roundabout, yes. Lane reduction, no. Surely there is an option available that provides the best of both proposals: smoother traffic flow with the roundabout, but no lane reduction.

Use Wakarusa as the model. That roundabout seems to work pretty well. Better than that stretch of 9th near Emory certainly.

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Editorial: Disappointing news

Hey guys, has anyone seen Dave Trabert lately? Maybe he got fired. He's been awfully quiet recently. I imagine he has vertigo from trying to figure out how to spin the latest disastrous news.

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Letter: Safest route

"Fossil fuel vehicle"....uh huh. Try running a family of four including a disabled child around this town and any similar-size town in this part of the country without using a "fossil fuel vehicle."

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Letter: Safest route

The doubts that the people who live near Kasold (including myself) have are not being addressed. We keep being told to shut up and stop being afraid but the objections to the seemingly-questionable "no traffic increase" prediction are not being answered.

Why is it necessary to reduce capacity on a major artery?

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Letter: Safest route

Kasold is a major artery. Why reduce capacity? I am still waiting for a clear explanation about this. The studies don't answer the questions. They are based on the assumption that traffic will not increase on Kasold. This seems very dubious and the doubts are not being addressed except to accuse those who do doubt of being backward and unintelligent.

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Paul Davis' firm sues to strike down proof of citizenship law, block new 90-day rule

Remember, Kobach promised the legislature that the DMV would make everything easy and seamless. At the time there was enough doubt in the legislature that without the DMV promise this might not have passed.

That promise was quickly violated. Why is that OK with people? Can't you see what happened here? When the DMV promise was violated, this whole thing should have stopped until another solution was found.

Unless of course Kobach never intended for the DMV to make this work and was just blowing smoke up the posterior of the legislature to get this through.

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Lawrence officials hear concerns over Kasold Drive reconstruction; project faces slight delay

I'm still waiting for one of the advocates to explain why reducing capacity on a major thoroughfare is a good idea.

Again, I'm not talking about the roundabout. I'm talking about the lane/capacity reduction. If the city is planning on growing, why are we planning on reducing street capacity?

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Meeting scheduled to share information about Kasold Drive 'road diet'

They are just telling us about this meeting now? With one day notice? Ridiculous. I have a business engagement this evening otherwise I would be at this meeting asking questions and kicking up a fuss.

There needs to be another meeting with more warning.

My position:

***Roundabout OK. I don't have a problem with that and the research seems sound enough.

***"Road Diet', reducing capacity on a major road, is just ridiculous. I don't buy their traffic projections on this. Traffic flows relatively smoothly right now during peak times on Kasold. It does not flow smoothly in the "road diet" area of 9th around Emory in my experience.

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New Italian deli and market coming to west Lawrence; informal survey finds neighbors dislike proposed Kasold changes

I've looked at that powerpoint several times and each time it strikes me as a piece of propaganda designed to lead everyone to the "correct" conclusion.

Ultimately my main concern here is that the city is massively under-estimating the amount of traffic that will increase on Kasold over the coming years.

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