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Former City Commissioner Terry Riordan to apply for vacant spot on commission; no applications on file yet

I really wish there is some way they could do a special election to fill the seat but I guess that's not possible.

I'm no big fan of Riordan and did not vote for him, but he does have a measure of support in the community and isn't some random person that nobody knows. He'll do if no one better steps forward.

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Letter: Kasold ‘diet’

After studying this issue, I understand that the runabout could be useful and safer than a light or the current 4 way stop. However, I am opposed to the reduction of Kasold from four lanes to three. I travel this road several times per day and it seems to me that the proposed "diet" would be a huge problem for people who live on Kasold or use it frequently, particularly since this road is used by trucks and traffic could very well increase more than projected given other changes in the city road grid.

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KDOT planning SLT changes, but funding is far off

Cutting the direct connection to the Farmer's Turnpike is a horrible idea that would greatly inconvenience travel from Lecompton and Perry to Lawrence. That would hurt the Lawrence area economy...maybe that's part of the idea, we know how the Brownback Administration feels about Lawrence.

Four-lane SLT, yes. Cut off the Farmer's Turnpike? No. That part of the plan needs to be changed.

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Kobach criticized at hearing over plan to purge Kansas voter rolls

Remember, Kobach promised the legislature that the process would be "seamless" and that the DMVs would forward necessary documents to the county clerks. That didn't happen and some of the voters being purged DID provide documents only to have them "lost" somewhere between DMV and the clerks, something that Kobach said would not happen.

He's a baldfaced liar and more dangerous than Brownback himself.

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Editorial: Funding process

Once again the JW Editorial board makes moderately good sense on the surface, seeing that the governor and legislature are making strange, puzzling decisions, yet refuses to recognize the deeper nature of what is happening here.

It isn't just that the legislature is making bad decisions for some unknown reason.

They are making these decisions because destruction of the public schools is the long-term goal. They know they can't just shut the system down in one fell swoop...too many people would resist..,so their idea is to kill the schools with a thousand smaller cuts and problems over a period of years, so that most districts wither from neglect , replaced with charter schools and private schools and religious indoctrination facilities.

Some communities will manage to hold onto pubic schools as quality institutions...Johnson County, I imagine, will be fine...Lawrence will probably be OK because the community supports schools. But the legislature will make it more difficult, and in many smaller communities the schools will be shadows of their former selves soon enough, losing ground to religious indoctrination facilities.

Wake up, JW Editorial staff!

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Editorial: Poor planning

The problem isn't abortion. The problem is that the right-wing of the GOP is paranoid about sex in general, about women's health concerns, about icky-bits and girl cooties.

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Editorial: Kasold questions

I live a block from the Harvard/Kasold intersection so this proposal will impact me every day.

I don't mind the roundabout idea. I've gotten used to those. But the three-lane design seems highly-questionable to me on an instinctual level. Reducing the lanes on this street seems counter-intuitive in the extreme.

However, that's just my instinct. I will read the research on road diets. Some things are counter-intuitive but still true.

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Large class sizes at some Lawrence elementary schools concern parents

The school bond was needed to bring the obsolete buildings up to snuff and improve security. But we need to build an additional elementary school soon to deal with the overcrowding in the younger grades.

I don't know where to put it. I do think it should be named "Amelia Earhart Elementary School". A great Kansan and inspirational figure.

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Kansas jobless rate climbs to 4.6 percent

Hey you, Brownback
Haha! Charade you are!
You well-heeled old hack
Haha! Charade you are!
You're trying to keep our teachers unemployed
You're nearly a real treat
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?
You got to stem the evil tide
And keep it all on the inside
Sammy you're nearly a treat
Sammy you're nearly a treat
But you're really a cry

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Brownback ponders religious objections legislation following gay marriage ruling

None of these proposed "religious liberty" laws will stand up in court. This is yet another waste of time and taxpayer money.

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