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Big decisions in store for public schools in 2013

"Funding for public schools accounts for roughly half of all general fund spending by the state of Kansas — roughly $3 billion a year out of a $6 billion general fund budget."

Yet only about one third of the ACT test-takers in Kansas are ready to pass a college course in science and just half are ready to pass a college course in math.

And what of those who aren’t on a college-prep educational plan? How educated are they? These results after spending HALF of the entire state’s budget? Insanity would be putting more money into this failing system. Prior to throwing more money down this rat hole, why don’t we try freedom. What is the fear? What rational, moral reason stops us from making rather simple changes… simply allow parents to determine how THEIR educational dollars are spent. The good people of Kansas certainly deserve better performance from a system which takes half their entire tax contribution to the state.

It can be done. Help us do it at End the Education Plantation,

The people of Kansas, and every other state in the country, deserve better results for their tax dollars. More importantly, the children deserve better. Their entire futures are in large part determined by the education they do or don't receive. Please join us and together let's fix this failing system.

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