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House Republican leaders propose 1.5 percent cut to higher education for each of next two fiscal years

As other Tea-Party RINOs and the American Taliban have said, if education contradicts what families teach their kids, then education has to go.

Juan is right, Ike and Dole would never act the way these people are.


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Budget provision would block state funding for Common Core standards

Another example of the "Don't Tread On Me" crowd treading on everyone else.

These Know-Nothings are trying to get the rest of us to know nothing too.

Unless good people show up at voting time these morons will continue to run this state into the ground.


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Conservatives at odds over budget, taxes as wrap-up session drags on

The Kansas legislature is a good example of the Don't Tread on Me crowd (=Republicans in name only) treading on everyone else.

Let's see what the free market says about caps on education salaries.

There is a good reason there is a book entitled "What's the matter with Kansas?" and the question still hasn't been answered.

Democrats and moderate Republicans need to pull together.


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Letter: Missile message

We definitely need to keep the missile. It serves as a great reminder of where we might have gone.

It also serves as a reminder of the origin of "weapon of mass destruction", a term that has been so re-defined and dumbed-down that the homemade bombs used in Boston are now classified as WMDs. How absurd.

Hopefully, such absurdity may help remind us just how off the track America has gone over the past 12 years: preemptive war, Gitmo, torture, drones, and the so-called Patriot Act, just to name a few.


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Letter: Evil deeds

Humans crave certainty. But the universe is an uncertain place.

In the absence of facts, understanding and knowledge, humans can quite easily "explain away" the unknown by invoking unseen deities.

This creates several problems.

First, such "invoking" tends to keep us ignorant.
Second, those who do the "invoking"...if they do it right, can increase their money, power or prestige.
Third, the early teachings, no matter how benevolent, tend to be moved aside and replaced with "teachings" that tend to reinforce the holding of/increasing of such monies, powers, or prestige.

In Christianity, we've gone from the Sermon on the Mount to the Crusades and the Inquisition, to the current Catholic Church protecting evil-doers who molest children. This protection was given to conserve the money, power and prestige of those in power.

There are lots of good words that have been spoken about the intent of this or that god, but the actions taken by the people who claim to "believe' in those words are reprehensible.

The Kansas Taliban say that all life is sacred. They believe this so much they are willing to kill for it.

The Don't Tread on Me Crowd say they believe in freedom, but they are not willing to let women make up their own minds about abortion.

It's all hypocrisy based on gaining, or preserving,money, power or prestige.


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Letter: Evil deeds

My invisible friend is more powerful than your invisible friend.


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Simons' Saturday Column: Lawrence has lost growth, economic momentum

It's pretty much the results of republicanism over the last 12 years. George W punched a big hole in our economy...with the help of our current starting two unfunded wars...creating unnecessary tax breaks, and continuing to spend. W doubled our national debt. When O'Bama won the republicans vowed to never give him a break...lest the economy begin to grow and he get the credit in 2012. They are still doing that and now pushing for European austerity...based on defunct Laffer economics and an ignorant sequester that is just slash and burn economics.

There is no republican leadership...only fear-mongering. There is no "can do"attitude any more...just look at the republican state legislature.

Well, at least we can cling to our guns and our religion.


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Leader of Eisenhower memorial effort discusses embattled plans in talk at Dole Institute

It would be good for Republicans to remember who they were. To quote Faulkner:

"... one generation more until that innocent and outrageous belief that courage and honor are practical has had time to fade and cool so that merely the habit of courage and honor remain."

But perhaps the know-nothings and the Kansas Taliban have already taken the once venerated Party of Lincoln too far down their nay-saying path.


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Letter: Gun ‘rights’

I disagree with the LTE. But the key phrase in the 2nd Amendment is "A well regulated militia..".

So does the "regulating"?

Given that this is an amendment to the Constitution, it obviously refers to the United States government doing the "regulating". By definition, any "regulating" the government wants to do should not be objectionable.

As for the "right to bear arms.." part, it's obvious that the writers of the 2nd Amendment had in mind muskets and flintlock pistols. Re-interpreting the 2nd Amendment to mean 50 cal sniper rifles with scopes, m79 grenade launchers, hand grenades, or automatic rifles is simply the view of liberal activist judges and their ilk.


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Gov. Brownback signs Kansas drug test law for aid recipients

The American Taliban at it again.


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