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Editorial: Too poor?

The answer is simple and straight forward: the so-called 'Republican' Party's strategy is to deny O'Bama ANYTHING he seeks.

If it was a Republican goal or idea yesterday, and O'Bama asks for it today, the so-called republicans will oppose it today. This is their one strategy; it explains everything the Tea Party has done since O'Bama was first elected.


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Abortion group sees special session as opportunity

The unborn are not independent beings, they are very dependent upon the mother. God made that so. So it's up to the would be mother to decide. Not you, not me. This is liberty.


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Editorial: Special considerations

The 'Don't Tread on me' crowd wants very much to tread on everyone else.

Don't believe for one second this special session has anything to do with the Hard 50 issue.


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Abortion group sees special session as opportunity

Anti-abortion people claim to be Christians, yet their passion for Jesus' teachings from the Sermon on the Mount lags way behind their desire to want government to tell people what to do and how to live their lives...just like the Taliban. And like the Taliban, they they want the fire and brimstone of the Old Testament, at least as long as they are in charge, while ignoring the New Testament.


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Letter: Right to know

God gave each of us control over ourselves. We are each, independent individuals.

A fetus is not independent. Rather, it's dependent on the individual God gave control to of that body.

Quit telling my God what she can/cannot do!


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Letter: Profit over care

The problem is that capitalism is amoral and atheistic. That's why regulation is important.


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Analysis: 2013 legislative session over; results will be judged by Kansas voters

It's evident that Republicans don't believe in the future of America. They don't believe America is a "can do" country anymore. In fact, based on their law to put federal agents in jail, it's obvious they don't believe in America any more.

Kansas used to the The Free State; now, we have cynical, scared, wing-nuts passing laws diminishing our freedoms to decide for ourselves.

We should adopt the Scardy Cat as our state mascot.


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Editorial: Kansas candor

Not everyone has moved to the edges. Bush did a hellava job trying to spend us into oblivion by --for the first time in our history-- failing to fund our wars with higher taxes. All he asked us to do was to 'keep on shopping". The subsequent failure of voodoo economics led to the greatest economic downfall since the Great Depression. But the right-wing nuts clamored on: more tax cuts and 'just ignore the economic dip and shrink the government!'. No lessons learned from 1937 with these guys and gals. Then, the election of our first black president galvanized all the die-hard xenophobes nurtured by Nixon's 'southern strategy', and brought all the right-wing nuts out of the woodwork. The Koch brothers saw an opportunity and took control of the Tea Party. Meanwhile, the religious right got more fanatical and became the American Taliban...wanting everyone to do as they say or they'll throw us in jail, meanwhile taking freedom away from women to run their own lives.

The current so-called Republican Party does not believe in individual freedom, individual liberty or the social contract. To them, "compromise' is just another word for giving up. They are a combination of Know Nothings who attack the fact-finders of facts not congruent with their political beliefs, aging racists, intolerant religious fanatics, and greedy and selfish power grabbers.

Since the election of our first black president they have been adamant in opposing anything O'Bama has tried to do, even things they once supported.


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Kansas Legislature returns to face tax, budget decisions

The problem with the Know Nothings is that they choose not to recognize facts, and deliberately lie by telling us that a tax increase is actually "...implementing large and continuous tax cuts."

These people really do know nothing, and want to stay that way.

So long as Kansans continue to choose these morons we will get what we deserve.


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Senate Republicans approve sales tax increase, cuts in income tax rates, lower food sales tax

"We see this as an overall tax cut," said Sen. Caryn Tyson. R-Parker.

Amazing how Tea Party RINOs lie whenever it suits them. Anytime you mess with the tax code and it results in more taxes it's a tax increase. Duh.

Funny how these RINOs recognize that increasing taxes can reduce deficits. We need to get some of these people to Washington and have a talk with Boehner.


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