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Letter: Puppet leaders

As we all know, so-called republicans are experts at being able to predict future economic least since O'Bama took office.


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Letter: Ineffective Congress

So Liberty, are you for big government telling women what their doctors can and cannot do? Or are you for the liberty of those women, and the physicians, to go about their business without big government interfering?


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Letter: Ineffective Congress

oops ... 70% of the economy... :-(

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Letter: Ineffective Congress

I just love how the RINOs (= caffeinated republicans) claim to be such economic experts...and they are wrong every time. Even Kansas employment has dropped for the last 3 months..after all they did to cut taxes to "create jobs".

&0% of the economy depends on consume spending. No company will increase production beyond the demand for their products just because the company got a tax break. Jobs are created when demand goes up. Demand goes up when people have cash.

Tax breaks to the wealthy just don't cut it. When will the RINOs learn this?
O'Bamacare is an economic train wreck? What was a train wreck was the 2008 economic collapse...caused by RINO economic and tax policies.

Boy, what economic experts!!!


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Saturday Column: Benghazi questions undermine Obama’s credibility


You do not present one fact that supports the innuendo-ridden article you present. You start with "citizens having questions.." and end up with 'the President is a liar..' with no supporting facts in-between. Shame on you.


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Kansas' U.S. House delegation supports bill providing government funding but defunding health law

"CLEARLY, Obamacare will be a financial disaster for this country and the economy. I support the Republican efforts to defund this train wreck." -0IDan.


Yes, IODan, the Republicans are just REALLY GOOD at predicting which policies grow economies.

Oh, wait. The auto industry is still functioning...and paying back the loans we made to them.
Oh, wait, 3/4 of our national debt was piled up by Reagan, Bush and W.
Oh, wait, Iraq hasn't used their oil revenues to pay for our invading them.

What's clear is that the Tea Party (I can't call them Republicans any more) is anti-O'Bama...regardless of what O'Bama is for. As Lynn Jenkins said, they "need a great white hope"



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Letter: Nanny city?

Ah yes, the free market system: atheistic, amoral, selfish. They don't need a referee. Just let those values run our economy without any "nanny" calling time outs.


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Letter: A little voice

Just like the Kansas Taliban!


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Opinion: Official outlines state aquifer efforts

Even if Kansans stopped using the aquifer today, it would still decline because all the neighboring states are still tapped into it. There can not be any state-run conservation program that would probe beneficial unless all the states over the aquifer adopted the same plan. And that won't happen so long as Texas courts believe that landowners own all the water they can pump from beneath their land...even if doing so sucks water away from neighboring lands.

We need an aquifer-wide authority to regulate the water use responsibly, and we need to consider this same authority to determine if we can actively recharge the aquifer with
surface water (preferably with lake water where the silt has been settled out). Or, we could just let god deal with it and ignore the possibility of being stewards of the Earth.


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Editorial: Aquifer addiction

Water is a highly mobile natural resource. All appropriations of water are subject to control by the state of Kansas under the authority established in the Kansas Water Appropriation Act as amended April 6, 1995. In this Act, KSA 82a-702 states: “All water within the state of Kansas is hereby dedicated to the use of the people of the state, subject to the control and regulation of the state in the manner herein prescribed.”
The lone exception for using water without an appropriation or permit is water used for domestic purposes.
PROJECTIONS by Larry Kipp, 2001.

Let's not blame the farmers. They ASKED the state for permission to use water and got it. The problem rests with those politicians setting the policies that require the civil servants to dole out the water rights.

But even if Kansas politicians all of a sudden started believing scientists, the aquifer would still become depleted because none of the politicians in our neighboring states believe in science either.

One way for the aquifer to truly become a 'commens' would be for the federal government to declare it a national resource and begin regulating it.

There are three benefits to this: first the water resource can become truly regulated, second, Kansas politicians don't have to be seen believing is science, and third, the Tea Party will have something new to complain about.

This is a win-win-win.


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