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A Devil, you say: Ottawa standout Semi Ojeleye says Duke best fit

And he should, he shows he's the best player every night scoring 40 points a game

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A Devil, you say: Ottawa standout Semi Ojeleye says Duke best fit

I'm sure he just beasts all that small competition

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Ottawa man charged with aggravated battery in accidental shooting of 4-year-old

Report and focus on shootings more. You guys at LJworld update and keep posting articles about minimal crimes that don't really effect anyone besides the people you consistently throw under the bus by printing their names over and over as well as showing them in court. What great ethics LJworld. Report on actual crimes

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Longtime physician and Lawrence attorney both file for seats on Lawrence City Commission

I trust someone like Terry Riordan who has given a lot of time and money to make Lawrence a great place to raise a family. He has experienced many things and will have a keen sense of objectivity to add to the city commission. I believe he will serve Lawrence well

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Police respond to report of gunshots in 500 block of Eldridge

Maybe report on this a little more? Seems important. I mean you guys really put a lot of effort into reporting and updating stories with college students, I would like to see the focus changed on stories that effect the well being of the community.. LJworld missuses their resources writing articles about things with minimal importance compared to the more violet crimes that occur in Lawrence. Please try to report more relevant stories like this

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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

Completely agree with you. Especially for the arrest where there is no information on the actions of the people. LJworld continues to post the same information over and over. You reported it once already, we know. For the sake of innocence and freedom stop posting this information and letting the public freely create opinions about what happened. LJ world please refer to your morals for a New Years resolution. At least put the importance on the violent crimes that included guns, physical assaults, and large disturbances. The 5 arrested at that house party are being unfairly treated by continually including their names the same articles as the more serious crimes .

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