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Longtime Lawrence Fire Marshal Rich Barr to retire

Good luck to Rich. Was a pleasure to work with during my time at LJW.

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From the ashes

I'm sorry you see this as a reason to take a cheap shot at the Journal-World, lawrenceguy40.

I was the first Journal-World reporter on the scene of this tragedy, and I know the event weighs heavily on me five years later. All the many other people who were directly or indirectly affected by the fire -- the survivors, the families, the emergency responders and many others -- are no doubt marking this day. It obviously still has resonance in the community; it is news.

My thoughts are with those who experienced that night -- those who survived and those who didn't.

Joel Mathis

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Journalist upheld fair reporting

Rest in peace, Mike. Beer and hotwings all around.

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How many online social networks do you participate in?

Too busy Twittering to answer.

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Lawrence voters save bus system by approving sales tax

I don't know if folks voted early. But they voted often.

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Welcome to the brotherhood

I don't know, Drew. I've always thought of you as a *cross* between Pee Wee Herman and Dennis Hopper.You're welcome.

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Douglas County in clear from severe weather; rain may persist

Me? I'm sick of the liberal bias in the weather coverage. Possible tornadoes? Why so defeatist?

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Chief justice comes in strong off bench

Here's part of what I wrote in the readerblogs section of here's the interesting part: Jefferson didn't think he had the Constitutional authority to negotiate the purchase. Before his presidency, Roberts said, Jefferson had bitterly opposed the Jay Treaty governing relations between the United States and Britain because he thought treaty-making power was limited only to peace treaties. And he proposed amending the Constitution to allow the purchase. Madison took a broader view of the Constitution, and worried the deal might collapse if it had to wait on approval of a new amendment, convinced Jefferson the effort was sound."Sometimes the best deals are lost if the lawyers take too long," Roberts said, endorsing the work of Jefferson, Madison, Monroe and Livingston. Jefferson, he said, "was a good CEO."And that was pretty much the speech. Which leaves us with two ways of looking at Roberts' views of American history:* That America was blessed to have a president who could get advice that conflicted with his own opinions and allow himself to be persuaded for the good of the country. Which, yes, it would be nice to have a president like that.Or:* That America was blessed to have a president who, when push came to shove, was willing to ignore his own views of the Constitution in order to create an empire.And if that's what Roberts believes: Uh-oh.

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Journalism lecturer dies after heart attack

I'm shocked and saddened.

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Downtown Lawrence: Before the party

Chad Lawhorn is one of my favorite journalists of all time, but he's betrayed a glaring lack of familiarity with the hipster lifestyle. Not: "Yeah, Pabst." But: "OF COURSE, Pabst." Lawhorn clearly needs to spend more time at the Replay. You'd fit right in, Chad. I swear.

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