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Sides clash in hearing on bill that would repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students

Making undocumented Kansas resident students pay out-of-state tuition is intended to do only one thing: Deprive them of an education. Their parents are manual laborers, not executives, doctors, and lawyers who can afford to pay double the cost. When Republicans finally agree to a route to citizenship for undocumenteds rather than face the extinction of the GOP, the investment in helping these young people fulfill their dreams will pay off in spades. Reagan realized this when he granted amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants in 1986. Although nearly everyone reading this benefitted from an affirmative action type of wide-open immigration policy of the 19th and 20th centuries, it's shocking how unwilling some Kansans still are to educate these enthusiastic, hopeful, young future parents of US citizens.

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Bills seek to overhaul high school competition

The KSHSAA has only two purposes: Protect schools so they can be the social centers of small Kansas towns, and protect football from having superior athletes poached by other sports. The board is as self serving as the 2013 Kansas Legislature,

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