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Brownback signs tax cuts, predicts boon; critics see budget-buster

It's rather the opposite way around. People with real world business experience draw upon their knowledge of tax policy and conclude that Brownback's massive giveaway leads to hell in quick order.

People like you who believe in tax fairies are those lacking real world business experience. "Small biz owner"? Is that a coin operated laundry or a neighborhood mowing service? Better to be the big fish in a small bowl, huh? Well, as a "real world" business owner, you must know how minor a role taxes play on making business decisions. I have never worked on a business deal where a good deal was scuttled by tax considerations. Never. Ever.

If tax cuts created jobs even the alcoholic hobos would have multiple job offers by now!

The only businesses that will be attracted to Kansas are tax bottomfeeders looking to exploit the state as a locus for laundering their profits -- a small office, a secretary, and a post office box. Real businesses that create value and employ skilled workers will never consider a bankrupt, uneducated, third-world place like Kansas.

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Tuition victims

And George Will's long march to senility goes on.

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Redistricting panel rejects arguments from Kobach, allows more intervenors

Kobach seems intent on breaking Kline's record for the number of times his name and "judge" can be combined in a sentence with a verbal synonym for "rejected."

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Kansas Supreme Court suspends Lawrence attorney for one year

Everyone despises lawyers .... right up to the point they need one.

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Utah home security company soliciting in Lawrence has an F rating from Better Business Bureau

Owned refers to the capital invested. GGC doesn't actively manage the companies. Typically, it provides money for existing management to gain control of their own companies. My guess is that somewhere down the foodchain there are misaligned performance incentives that encourage unethical behavior.

It's important to remember that GGC was formed from equity partners from Bain & Co. as well as Bain Capital. Bain & Co. does much of the same as GGC does - invest in promising companies that just need financing. Bain Capital, where Romney flourished, are "vulture" capitalists, who essentially loot weak companies of their remaining assets if they can't turn them around long enough to find a sucker to sell to. In short, B &Co. creates new value while Bain Capital redistributes existing value. B & Co. is a glittering aspen grove in a mountain meadow while Bain Capital (and Romney) are hungry grizzlies looking for a meal. B & Co. help make success by helping companies serve consumer needs; Bain Capital is seen as "successful" by those who confuse pirate money with success.

I would also note that GGC is one of the new owners of Payless Shoes.

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5 Kansas justices recuse selves from Phill Kline case

"a good man who was attempting to do his job as Attorney General. "

What a disgusting, immoral attempt to defend the indefensible. Enough of this 'ends justify the means' validation of clear-cut ethical wrongdoing. Kline believed himself a soldier in a noble cause and thereby concluded that any unethical actions he took in furtherance of those ends mattered not. Every genocidal monster of the 20th century believed the same.

Phill Kline is a corrupt zealot who disgraces the legal profession. He should be vomited out like bad shellfish. Those who defend his criminality deserve the derision of all good, ethical, law-abiding people.

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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

A. You forget that Obama is stuck with Bush's spending priorities as well as the revenue cuts that the GOP demand. What chutzpah to then complain of the inevitable deficits.

B. The wealthy receive 93% of additional wealth generated. They pay about 60% of the taxes. Theft - pure and simple.

C. The bottom 50% receive virtually nothing from the system. They overpay as it is.

D. You're a cartoon. Do you have a handlebar mustache to twirl? What sick sense of inferiority drives a welfare addict as yourself to identify with his betters?

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Yes, if there's one glaring blindspot in our society it's that we don't spend enough money on the elderly!!!!! ROFL

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Legislative leaders to Brownback: Veto the tax cut

It's fascinating how fascists and Republicans are so concerned about debt and deficits when the debts result from their own policies and they refuse to eliminate deficits by raising taxes back to (the bottom of) normal levels (let alone Reagan levels).

Democrats are the ONLY Party to have balanced the U.S. budget in living memory. (Unfortunately, Republicans only have the memory span of a guppy.) Obama hasn't added $5T of debt! He's inherited Bush's own debts and then extended Bush's own policies at the insistence of the GOP.

This billion dollar shortfall is unavoidable. How do we know? A mysterious phenomena called math.

Brownback doesn't think cuts will prove necessary. Like most other people I don't give a d___ what Brownback thinks about topics beyond his expertise. Is there anything in his bio that could possibly have equipped Brownback to balance his own checkbook let alone provide budgetary expertise 100% contrary to budget experts' own views? What next? Sam pontificating on photoluminescence influences on nanocrystalline tin oxide powder for optoelectronic devices? Kardashian fashion options?


You share is $50k ...... if you don't make the wealthy start paying their taxes and restrain GOP out of control spending on wars, weapons, oil subsidies, bailouts for their Wall Street buddies, and unaffordable welfare for billionaires. You grandchildrens' share will be in the hundreds of thousands if you don't stop Brownback from making Kansas the equivalent of a bankrupt third-world backwater.

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Taxing jobs out of existence

The portion of national GDP taken by the federal government in taxes reaches lows not seen since the Polaroid camera was first sold, 45 rpms records were introduced, and 'A' You're Adorable sung by Perry Como was #1 ..... and a dunce like George Will pens a screed titled "Taxing Jobs out of Existence".


How many little green men do you see, George?

No, no, seriously: too much Propaganda Channel viewing or the onset of Alzheimer's?

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