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Brownback defends tax cuts as necessary to grow the economy

In other news, Brownback defends hole in the head as necessary to expand mental capacity.

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Suspect in Colorado theater massacre applied to Kansas University, records show

Uh, yeah, him and the baby whose head you'd blow off, Lousy Shot.

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Statehouse Live: Jenkins says some are happy to stay unemployed to collect benefits

Well, if you're delusional........

I'm not saying you're lying. I'm just saying you're allergic to Truth. Jenkins? Yep, Liar Extraordinaire! Only a Zero of the first order would believe that 48 months ago, millions of Americans suddenly got lazy and decided to stop working because the unemployment benefits were too grand to turn down. What part of stupid does she best represent?

Jenkins needs to find a new comedy act on someone else's dime!

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Presidential race draws lackluster pair

Translation: We've nominated a putz so the best defense is offense - make you think the other guy is a putz too.

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ID irony

What's bizarre is that the War on Leprechaun Fraud is fought in Kansas, where no one believes leprechauns live, just as valiantly as in places like Florida, the mythical home of leprechauns.

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Democrats say Kobach's office lost candidate's paperwork to run for office; Kobach's office said documents were never received

Maybe the half-time Secretary can resign so we can get a full-time man on the job?

What's Kobach's schedule on this day when his incompetence is AGAIN revealed? Why, chasing after cameras on national television! (And not about Kansas, either.)

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Cuts needed

"Because the cuts reduce revenue"

Remember the good old days when Republicans pretended that tax cuts increased revenue? I remember the trolls of these pages insisting up and down -- as recently as 2010 -- that tax cuts DID TOO(!) raise revenues.

At least we now have the unvarnished Ayn Rand vision expressed yesterday by the Mormon reincarnation of Herbert Hoover : "I want to fire firefighters (and policemen and teachers)."

Let's be clear: taxes have not been cut by Brownback on the poor and middle class. Instead, they've been increased so that our governor can put his fat-cat masters on even further welfare. It is a massive redistribution of wealth. One might call it Right Wing Social Engineering.

"High taxes are prompting jobs and people to leave" may well be the most bald-faced lie ever to printed in the LJW. It is a fact that tax revenue share of the economy hasn't been as low as it is now since George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four was published.

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Civil discourse

"Would you reduce your argument to name-calling rather than trying to convince those listening that your ideas are superior through proper intellectual discourse?"

Well, Curtis Knapp of Seneca, Kansas, didn't think so when he delivered his sermon at his "church" last week seemingly calling for government-executed genocide against homosexuals. "Oh, so you're saying we should go out and start killing [homosexuals]? No, I'm saying the government should. They won't, but they should."

Now, if Curtis Knapp were a Muslim Imam, coyly making that HE wasn't calling for the murder of infidels but merely noting that SOMEONE should kill them, what would the public's reaction be?

Now, Curtis Knapp would no doubt say 'I'm just following God's instructions' (as Knapp chooses to interpret) but he appears to be quite the "cherry picker" (sorry for the name-calling). After all Leviticus also demands a long list of things that Kansans routinely violate with impunity. For example: "When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born. Love them as yourself...." (Not that I'm calling for Kris Kobach to be put to death on God's instructions! Heaven forbid!)

Perhaps Mr. Burkhart should worry a little less about "name-calling" and a tad more about genocidal extremists in our midst if he doesn't want Kansas to produce another Scott Roeder-like terrorist. It may be naive but I for one do not appreciate subsidizing a terrorist cell merely because they blaspheme God by calling themselves as a church while baying for the blood of other citizens.

Jesus weeps by the bucketful.

(BTW, LJW Editors: Why do I keep reading Kansas news first in the national and international media? Have you considered setting up a Google Alert for 'Kansas'?)

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Study suggests continued population drop in Kansas

The bad news:
the greatest export Kansas has is its children - to all those liberal states with high taxes and *shudder* regulations (or, to be fair, warm states with sunny winters and the constant drone of a/c in the spring, summer, and fall).

The good news:
the Constitution guarantees Kansas no fewer than one U.S. House Representative. In other words, even Brownback can't make up his zero! (And we get two Senators regardless - at least until those darned socialists rewrite the Constitution to make the Senate democratic too.)

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Analysis: Kansas governor owns aggressive tax cuts

"In signing the bill, Brownback invoked President Ronald Reagan..."

In 1967, Ronald Reagan became a governor himself. He promptly raised income taxes $1 billion dollars (in 1967 dollars - maybe $16 billion today, which ironically is the size of Calif.'s current budget deficit that the GOP refuses to close by taxation) to attack the state's budget deficit. At the time, this increase was roughly a 30% tax increase in a single year!

In 1972, Reagan raised income taxes another $1.1 billion (in 1972 dollars) as well as increasing sales taxes and corporate taxes.

Reagan NEVER cut taxes when the shortfall couldn't be paid for by other taxes or by borrowing. He did so expressly for the purpose of balancing the budget while providing government services to the people.

When Reagan became Governor, state revenues were $2.9 billion. By the time he left office, state revenues were $8.6 billion. (And I note: college education was free.)

Reagan, the man not the myth, would be denounced today as a socialist. Brownback (as on so many other topics) is utterly clueless about reality, substituting his religious faith in Ayn Rand for facts.

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