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Concealed Carry: What is The Best Concealed Carry Weapon?

The first choice of a weapon is information and good judgment. Avoidance of danger and being aware of impendding danger is a skill that is learned. It is also taught at concealed carry classes by instructors.
If the question is what handgun is best, the answer depends on the person and their skill level and needs. Small guns are easy to conceal and hard to shoot well. Small powerful guns are even harder to shoot well. Bigger guns are easier to shoot but harder to conceal. There is no one size fits all.
Whether you select a .22, a .25, a 9 mm or a .45, the gun you select requires training and practice. You also need training and practice in when to run, when to hide and when to draw and fire, again, there is no one action fits all. We are not police, vigilantes or cowboys. We are just citizens who choose the option of being able to live.

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Passion for firearms inspires woman leading rifle group

You can find a link to all the Kansas approved concealed carry instructor on the Kansas Attorney General's web site www.ksag.org

There is lots of other good info on that site.

The Kansas State Rifle Association site is www.ksraweb.net

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Passion for firearms inspires woman leading rifle group

I first met Patricia several years ago and was immediately impressed with her knowledge and skill. She is a person you feel comfortable with, sort of like Aunt Bea on the old Andy Griffith show.
But Patricia is tough too. She can look a State legislator in te eye and speak with authority.
Anyone who lives anywhere near Bonner Springs who wants excellent firearms training, you can't do better than to contact Patricia. If you are a woman, Patricia is an expert in the special needs of women who want to be armed to protect themselves and their children.

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Concealed Carry: Still Waiting For Those Wild West Shootouts!

The Kansas, and most states, CCH/CCW law requires the applicant to waive medical/mental privacy protection laws. AS for purchasing a gun, teh Brady Law requires all Federally licensed dealers make a call to teh FBI for a background check.
I worked for nearly 30 years to get CCH in Kansas. In the 3 years I have been licensed I havwe carried my gun about 20,000 hours. I don't go places where I expect trouble, I don't go to those pl;aces.
I carry a gun because I can never be sure that danger won't come to my "safe places" and I'd prefer to be able to do more than hide under a desk.
If teh soldiers at Ft. Hood had been allowed to be armed with the same standards as 25,000 Kansans are now, it would not have been 4 minutes before someone fired back at the Ft. Hood shooter. Lives are saved when guns are in the hands of good people.

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In the line of fire

The training for the concealed weapons permit is about when you can use a firearm to save a life. It isn't always about muggers, car jackers and rapists, there are dangerous animals, often in packs.
In Wichita the police regularly have to kill dogs. Carrying a concealed weapon is a preparation for what could happen, not what you expect.
I have fire extinguishers, not because I want or expect a fire, but because fires are possible.
Police and soldiers have to go places where there is known danger. But Danger is mobile and will come to you when you least expect it. The gun under your shirt is a reminder to stay alert.

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