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Town Talk: National food magazine highlights Wheatfields loaf; city looks to change chicken ordinance; Chamber formally asks for new eco devo organization

I wonder if the crates of chicks that occasionally get shipped through the Post Office have made the Post Office run "afowl" of the city ordinances....

(I had never heard of such a thing as shipping chicks until one day I was at the downtown branch, and I heard...chicks! Apparently they can be shipped by one-day Express Mail.)

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Bite Sighs: Yule log cake is festive for holiday eats

Sounds really yummy, and not that intimidating. Will have to give this a try!

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TownTalk: Signs that Olive Garden is still likely in Lawrence; city, county taking applications for land program; The Jackpot Saloon changing hands, focus; new Dunkin' location now open

So let me get this straight, Chad -- people who enjoy a donut and a good cup of coffee are pigs? I know you like to joke around here, and sometimes you are pretty funny, but this is kind of crass.

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Town Talk: Even nice old ladies ready to fight about trash carts; downtown spot to discontinue Sunday brunch; Occupy Wall Street appears to be coming to Mass. Street

I will miss brunch at Maceli's. It was such a lovely change of pace from the usual eateries.

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Should both the city and Douglas County governments give $100,000 each to support Theatre Lawrence's drive to build a new theater in West Lawrence?

There's a difference between an old school, that has space and parking, and the Masonic Temple.

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Should both the city and Douglas County governments give $100,000 each to support Theatre Lawrence's drive to build a new theater in West Lawrence?

Doing a rehab of a current building to try to make it into a theatre doesn't make a very good theatre. Even the building in which they are currently located has limitations that keep them from doing certain shows as well as they could be done.

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Town Talk: Hy-Vee seeks to build convenience store on Clinton Parkway; planners take aim at firing range issues; would you like wooden streets any better?

There's a difference between the words "ordinance" and "ordnance." One refers to rules and regulations, the other to artillery and the like. (And if this is supposed to be a joke, I don't get it.)

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Town Talk: 'Donation meters' may be newest strategy to combat downtown panhandling; Ninth Street turning lane planned; downtown Mexican restaurant details; softball to provide $1 million boost

How in the world are "donation meters" going to stop panhandling? It's still going to be easier for panhandlers to just keep on asking strangers for money rather than participate in any distribution of "donations." What motivation will they have to stop doing what works for them?

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Power restored to nearly 2,000 Westar Energy customers in downtown Lawrence

I bet it was a bird from Topeka.

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Town Talk: Compton also interested in Ninth and Vermont; Bambino's moving west; Carter leading City Commission fundraising; new signs that Johnson won't run; snow shoveling not just for sidewalks

Food quality at Bambino's is VERY uneven. The service, though, is uniformly terrible. I hope that when they move, they train their waitstaff to be more attentive.

I've had some good meals there, some poor meals, but the lack of good service will keep me from coming back.

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