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‘Friday’ lights shine on NBC

I have to agree with your commentary on "Friday Night Lights". I was able to watch the episodes because I have Directv - and it is an awesome show!! It was in danger of being canceled at one point. Let's hope that doesn't happen anytime soon.

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Organizer: 'Absolutely' enough port-a-potties for inauguration

Good one justfornow - I'm still laughing!!

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What was your most embarrassing childhood moment?

This one time at band camp.........

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Do you know anyone with an unusual name?

I have a cousin whose last name is Bentz, so they gave their daughter the middle name of Mercedes. I guess I should give them credit for not making that her first name. But then again, her first name is Kyrie (pronounced Keer- ee- ay) - like the song by "Mister Mister" from the 80's.

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Palin denounces 'lies' about family

Hey Sychophant, are you going to post this comment after every single article that has Palin's name in it?? Why don't you "go away and leave the rest of us be."

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Eudora complaint

" It could be worse. You could live in Baldwin."Shame on you! Baldwin is a lovely little community - I would take Baldwin over Eudora any day of the week!!!!

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Wal-Mart expected to draw businesses to west Lawrence

It sounds like the new Walmart won't carry as many grocery items as the current Supercenter. If that is the case, then it really should not have much effect on the grocery stores that are already in that area.

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