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Protesters ready for long occupation of South Park

haha funny,, Ill think about em while I sleep in my warm bed.. Who cares . When the world goes to crap and everyone from Washington is looking for their Mcdonalds and food is scarce.. I will still have my guns and I will still know how to hunt,, everything else is just a luxury. The people that know how to survive, will. Give up camping and go learn how to prepare an animal for your family after you kill it if you are really worried....

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McLouth student Justin Johnston shot, killed on school trip to Costa Rica; classmates returning to Kansas

I agree,, My children will never leave this country unless they are with me. US citizens are viewed as CASH BANKS for ransom as well.. This is a sad story... They do not live by the same rules as we do and kids up here dont realize that. Sneaking out of the house at 3 am up here is due cause for being grounded, but out of this county trespassing could get you jailed or killed VERY easily.. Dont believe it ,,, just drive south and walk down a street in Juarez, Mex..

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How often would you eat at Olive Garden if they opened one in Lawrence?

screw a bunch of Italian foods,, Bring that OKLAHOMA JOES over here!!! smothered ribs served on newspaper mmmmmmmmm and New Orleans Original Daiquiris in the back

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2 in KU tickets scheme sent to prison camps

they could be homeless in Lawrence.. That seems to be easy livin. Just think in a few years they will have the homeless hilton here.

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Planning commissioners recommend giving homeless shelter another year at site

here is a novel idea.. require them to actively pursue getting a JOB to live there!! I am sure if it was played off as a "handup" instead of a "handout" you could probably name your spot.. Just the fact that noone wants it in their neighborhood proves this place is a handout and majority of them just want to hang around and be freddy freeloaders..

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Berry Plastics warehouse deal likely to require 90 percent tax abatement and cash incentives

I have to ask the question,,, Why is the county paying for anything? should they not say, look your building the facility it is YOUR responibility to pay for the improvements that impact the area.

This will not benefit everyone in the county. Is this not a gov. for the people by the people.. I say lets have a vote. $600,000 of your money is going to a PRIVATE company, did you get your check? didnt think so.

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Abe and Jakes Landing space on sale for $1.3 million

Its on the river HELLO!! RIVERBOAT CASINO! lawrence and douglas county budget problems = GONE! hell vegas style shows by KU theatre department? I dont see the problem here?

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Salary priority

Heaven forbid we had to sacrifice our lifestyle a little bit,,,, geeez.. If you cannot maintain your lifestyle "without" a pay raise then you are in a pretty bad situation!

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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

wow sure glad I live in another county.. have fun with that new library, HAHAHAH snicker snicker.. just think more expansion for the bumbs to hang out... Man what a deal! its a 2 fer one maybe they can fill the 3 foot potholes with all the stuff they tear out of the old library!!! heck yea man!

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Spring Hill High School football player dies after collapsing during game

I am 35 and still to this day have friends that have had multiple hip, knee, elbow you name it surgeries due to "high school football". Sometimes you have to ask yourself "is it worth it?" you sure have alot of life to live after 18 and noone will care once you graduate. I am so glad my father instilled this into me after my freshman year with a broken toe.. an after school job sounds better than a lifelong of pain and medical costs.

tragic story,, payers for the family.

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