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Trick-or-treaters take over downtown

Yea what the hell.. I spent $50 on my sons costume for a parade last weekend and he won best costume, shouldve seen the happiness on this 5 year olds face!!Worth every penny...

What is up with Lawrence parents dressing up. "Hey im gunna buy this $150 costume and wrap my kid up in a sheet??!" jesus you people its supposed to be about "THE KIDS" not your supernerd hey look at me fetish??poor kids

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KU seeks tougher admissions criteria

yea this is crazy,, I am a KU alumni and back when I was admitted it was a 18 on ACT and min 2.0 GPA and is what I had.. I was not a good "High School" student and I made consistent 3.5 GPA all through Engineering school.. They should not judge a high school student they should let them prove themselves. I know there needs to be a standard but this is just nuts. When you are paying for it, sure sheds a new light on how much you "Work" to make grades..

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Former Lawrence police officer charged with DUI

because she was off duty,, I mean really if she was on duty could she pull herself over? just sayin

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Mass. Street to close on Saturday if KU wins

10 agencies?? hahah makes me laugh. As New Orleans native and ex NOPD you guys need a lesson on crowd control. 10 New Orleans police officers could shut mass down and keep it under control lol,,, too funny

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Delays expected on southbound Kansas River bridge on Friday

this story needs an update and a clarification.. As amac said its been one lane for MONTHS.. and secondly they are slip form CONCRETE paving that bridge and it will not be open friday afternoon. Most they could do is MAYBE 200-300' on a good day. Even then traffic is not going to be allowed on this for at least 7 days or more! Then they got to do the other half??

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Family of Lecompton man who died in 2009 motorcycle accident files lawsuit against other driver

yea,, real sure she got up that day wanting to kill someone.. geez

She mustve not had insurance,, usually there are things in policies that cover this??

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Protesters maintain presence in park

HAHAHAHAH i love it!! Kinda like the rodney king riots.. they asked a man bashing a storefront window what he thought about the out come of the Rodney King trial and he said "I DONT WATCH SPORTS ON TV" and then kept bashing away..

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Protesters maintain presence in park

please define "Action" are there not enough rebel groups in the world? what are you going to do walk around with AK's ? come on people.. be glad you live in the U.S. and not it Somolia for crying out loud

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Protesters maintain presence in park

? wtf are you talking about. social change,, goto starbucks if you want social change

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UPDATE: City tells Occupy Lawrence campers they must leave South Park by Thursday night; campers consider defying order

what the hell is the problem. the bums sleep in the park EVERY nite?

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