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City wins $1.2 million grant to restore Santa Fe depot

I have read that if AMTRAK abandons the western Kansas route, it will continue south from
Hutchinson thru Oklahoma and then west to ABQ. Lawrence and Topeka will still be
on the route but not Dodge City, Lamar, and Trinidad, CO. will not.

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Officials to take a ride on deteriorating Amtrak route through Kansas

Yes there should be a route to Denver. There are no NORTH-SOUTH routes between the west coast and the Chicago-Texas route either.

AMTRAK was never completed, and so has never been up to its potential.

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Funding problem could eliminate Amtrak's Southwest Chief from 3 Kansas cities

It would be great if AMTRAK had an AUTO TRAIN from Chicago to LA....

"During fiscal year 2011, the Auto Train carried over 250,000 passengers, a 6.4% increase over FY2010. The train had a total revenue of US$68,618,768 in FY2011, an increase of 12.5% over FY2010. The Auto Train had the highest revenue of any long-distance train in the Amtrak system."

From the Chicago Tribune:
Success may put new routes on track, including Chicago

There are no immediate plans to bring the Auto Train to Chicago, but Amtrak has studied routes that include the Windy City...
Ridership is running about 233,000 passengers and about 111,000 vehicles a year, officials said, adding that other routes are being considered.

"The fascinating thing about this crowd is that we did a feasibility study in Chicago and it found there is the same clientele in Chicago as there is in the Northeast United States," Vollten said.

"The folks in Chicago go to Phoenix to winter over. So they were talking about the probability of putting an Auto Train on from Chicago to Phoenix and back, probably linking it up with one of our other western trains that already exist," Vollten said."

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Sound Off: I keep seeing people walking their dogs in the hottest part of the day on days that are 1

I take my dog for a walk very early every morning, but of course she needs out in the afternoon, too.

She likes to go out and plop right down in the sun, sometimes in the yard, sometimes right on the hot concrete.

She is a short hair breed and rarely even pants.

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One person injured in cross-median crash on Kansas Highway 10 near Eudora

Here's from another article here on the LJWORLD website:
"Two accidents, possibly related to the rainy weather, occurred Friday morning on the Kansas Turnpike near the Leavenworth-Wyandotte county line.

No serious injuries occurred in either accident.

The first accident occurred about 7:30 a.m., according to a Kansas Turnpike Authority report. Sarah Updike, 30, Kansas City, Kan., spun out of control in her 2005 Lincoln Navigator while driving west on the turnpike, just west of mile marker 222.

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Underground prescription drugs an ‘epidemic’

I have found that the TV makes a lot of difference, my Samsung gets excellent reception while another does not with the same antenna.

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Program to help with sidewalk repairs

It's in black and white in our city codes that homeowners build and maintain their own sidewalks that are within the city's easement for the street right of way that in on the homeowner's property. If we did it the other way, ie the city build's and maintain's those sidewalks, we would have to raise taxes because there is currently no tax collected for that purpose.

Do you want to raise taxes? Do you want the city to pour a concrete sidewalk in front of your house even though you might want a yellow brick sidewalk?

What I wonder is how there are stretches of streets on/bordering University or city controlled property that have no sidewalk at all. I would guess eventually those will get built. There are also private residences with no sidewalk that would seem to be in violation of the code. I don;t know how or why they get away with it.

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What do you do to be ‘green’?

I think it's important that people abandon a certain mindset that electric vehicles are unusable, but the cost and low energy density of the 'fuel' relegates them to certain applications that can really appreciate the special talents the electric motor have, mainly excellent startup and control and the ability to reverse direction to stop.

People that need that kind of performance (city drivers) will like the electric motor, with or without a gas engine (for longer range).

All of the electric vehicles on today's market are designed for ultimate efficiency:
ultra aerodynamic
ultra light (excepting batteries)
low rolling resistance tires and drivetrain.

This kind of design works well with any fuel, but I think natural gas is the best bet to replace gasoline, with electric a kind of special application, or as the article implyie, useful in an area where electric power is hydro or solar.

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What do you do to be ‘green’?

The study that Merrill quoted shows that EV's in our area ARE WORSE in terms of emissions, because our electricity is generated from coal.

Also the study compared EVs to the 'average compact car' ie 27mpg. There are no EV's in that size category, only sub-compact. Sub-compacts these days often get 40+mpg.

The average cost per year for gas for most cars is more like $1500.

I have experience with Golf cart batteries. Most courses replace all batteries yearly.
If you have experience maintaining submarine batteries you might get 5-8 years, but for anybody else it is most unlikely More like 2-3 years.

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Simple sustainability: Energy-saving changes you can make today

I'm not sure how much energy we can save by abandoning paper towels and using vinegar but reducing the use of electric clothes dryers could make a very big overall energy use reduction.

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