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Would you wear a coat made of rat fur?

I probably wouldn't but my friend Bob Sacamano would.

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Mark McGwire coming clean? Please. This was a swing and a miss


Posnanski is the anti-Keegan. He writes about baseball nonstop even when his columns take him to other sports. Unlike Keegan, he attends more than two games a season. Unlike Keegan, he knows that baseball analysis goes beyond wins, Gold Gloves and batting titles.

Most importantly, Posnanski understands that this entire performance-enhancing situation is way more nuanced than Keegan could ever understand or convey.

Keegan instead chooses to act like a petulant child and pout about how the apology didn't meet his lofty standards, and instead of considering the context that Posnanski is somehow able to provide, he turns in a column that could have been stolen from the user comments section of the AP story.

They are different as can be except for one sad similarity...They each have a Hall of Fame vote.

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Silence is broken: McGwire admits to using steroids for nearly a decade

Record books are only there to RECORD what events actually happened, not to be manipulated by the whims of sportswriters.

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Texas Tech fires football coach Mike Leach

I wish KU would have acted as quickly faced with a similar situation.

Nonetheless, another abusive coach meets his deserved demise. Times are changing for the better.

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Dawson deserves Hall call

Although this ballot is about 1000% better than I'd imagined, the column itself would have been better utilized in laying out his reasoning rather than rehashing tired anecdotes.

For instance, why no Tim Raines? On base more times than Tony Gwynn or Wade Boggs. Best % base-stealer in history? not even a throw-away sentence??

And why a yes for Jack Morris? Not enough pitchers with career ERAs of almost 4 in the Hall of Fame for you? I hope this brilliant baseball mind also voted for Dennis Martinez and Orel Hershiser when they appeared on the ballot. Both those guys were better than Morris.

Oh well, at least we won't have to read about baseball from this voter until next year at this time.

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Baseball stain

Aaron and Mays both took "Red Juice" or amphetamines.

Now what?

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Royals reeling

"logicsound09 (Anonymous) says…

Hillman is one of the problems."

I agree with your rant against Hillman. But I think this outdated view of baseball - bunting, eschewing OBP, the existence of Willie Bloomquist, etc - is present from the very top of the organization on down. Hillman is a symptom, not the disease.

However, to be fair about your first inning bunt on Sunday, that #2 hitter was something called Mitch Maier. Not exactly Robbie Alomar.

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Big impression: Frank Caliendo finds his comedic voices

I don't really disagree with anyone here, but he's still funnier than ten Dane Cooks.

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AP: McCain taps Alaska governor as VP running mate

He should have chosen Michael Palin.

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