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House committee advances bill undoing classified system of state employment

Would this affect the KU Classified employees since they are now different (not by their choice) from other Kansas Classified employees? What about public safety employees within larger organizations like KU and the Medical Center in Kansas City? Or the other Regents institutions? BTW, it is the higher paid unclassified supervisors who are in position to make questionable purchases, promote or demote and generally run their departments the way they see fit, not the classified employees.

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KU student pushing for smoking ban on campus

So what haappens if someone gets caught smoking on campus? Arrest them? Or a note in their personnel file if they are employees? Will the smokers go across the street like the LHS students do to smoke in people's yards? I don't smoke and avoid places where it is allowed.

Smoking is an addiction and smokers will go to extreme measures to light up. Non-smokers don't understand that and think it is just a habit that can be turned off like a switch. I once knew a non-smoking woman who would hide the ashtrays in the office and also hide the cigarette lighters in the company vehicles. Her theory seemed to be that if the smokers can't find a way to light up or dispose of the butts, then they would simply forego smoking.

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Opponents of bill eliminating classified worker system say the proposal will lead to patronage

To Photagraphygirl: I see your point, however the way I remember it there was a vote, more like a poll about 20 years ago in which the classified employees rejected the idea by about 70%.
The 2005 vote was first 60/40 Against leaving the state system and going to a KU Classified system. After the next vote, it was announced by those in charge of the vote count that it was a TIE! No one I know ever believed it and a third and final vote was taken and the announced result was 60/40 % in Favor of going to the KU Classified system. The ballots were destroyed before anyone could call for a recount and the whole matter died. I'll leave it to you to guess who rammed the change through. After the change I used to ask other employees how they voted and I very seldom met anyone who was in favor of leaving the state system. Voter fraud, right on the Hill! I'm Shocked!

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