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KU police investigate string of vandalism incidents in campus buildings

Oh sure, blame it on some unknown or nonexistent Black male. The poor guy was pribably just minding his own business.

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Opinion: Why gay role models matter

The last figure I saw on percentages was that homosexuals are only about 4 % of the population. No doubt it's higher in Lawrence since they all move here. I don't care what they do and can't control it anyway, but I'm tired of hearing about it and in many ways, turning it into a political issue. By the way, I think Fred Phelps is a homosexual.

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Project to build intergenerational retirement community in Lawrence moving ahead

I think what the planers really want are Wealthy Retirees, not just ordinary people.

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Letter: Faulty arguments

fmri is correct. I to remember when the LJW praised downtown as a sacred area of town. Remember the expression "Beautiful Downtown Lawrence?" All I ever see downtown now are homeless people, drunks, druggies and psychos, not necessarily in that order. The retail consists of bars, restaurants and stores that sell KU trinkets for 10 times what they are worth.

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The fight over sales tax has consumed Kansas politics for three years

DoubtingThomas is correct. KU simply lays workers off either before or after the overtime worked, so they don't have to pay OT. If an outside source is paying the OT, workers are encouraged to take comp time so the department can keep the money and use it how they see fit. I know of cases where people are sent home then called back a couple of hours later just to keep the total time at 40 hours or less. If you end the week under 40 hours you have to use vacation time just to get your normal pay or go without pay for the short hour(s).

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KU chancellor writes that possible state budget cuts would mean loss of at least 38 faculty jobs

Are these real people being laid off or just "Positions" to be lost? In the past there have been unfilled Positions which were never filled, but the money was used for other purposes.

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KU atheist group having conference this month

I remember an incident about 20 years ago when some atheists held a candlelight vigil by the Union Celebrating Darwin's birthday. The display had the appearance of a religious ceremony and note that it was his Birthday they celebrated, not the date he published or conceived the idea of evolution. It was as if Darwin had become a deity to them. At the time, I thought it was ironic, but no one ever pointed out the paradox in the news.

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Four-year Jayhawk Boulevard construction project could end with re-creation of old tree canopy, new center bike lane

Hackberry trees? Have you ever seen the mess the so-called fruit makes on the sidewalks? Or for that matter wait 'til the students start getting a regular dose of bird droppings in their hair every day. During warm weather, try parking your car under a tree and after a few days you will see what I mean.

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Jury deadlocks in murder trial for man on parole for killing Lawrence woman

I remember the Baker case in Lawrence. The guy was found by NYPD at a shelter or mission of some sort and Lawrence Police had to go there to bring him back.
In the Wichita case they have his DNA under her fingernails and they have a deadlocked jury? I think there is some juror mis-conduct here, or he or she doesn't want to convict in the first place regardless of the facts.

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KU players' tattoos tell life stories

I consider tattoing body mutilation. I see nothing attractive about it on anyone's body. There are worse examples of tatooing. Watch some of the prison/jail shows. Some of those guys even have their face completely covered. And they wonder why they can't get a job when they get out?

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