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Kansas Supreme Court Justice Nuss says court closings possible because of state budget

Then I guess you are suggesting that the Judges can man the entire operation by themselves without any staff. Probably 90+ percent of their budget is personnel, so that is the only conclusion I can draw. Great simplistic argument, though, if you are a teabagger.

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Editorial: Tax impacts

reply to "thinkb4youtype" What is missing from your analysis is the that the $4 billion is a shortfall in the state budget. The cuts this year are a drop in the bucket on closing that. What are you willing to do without - and don't raise the vague canard of "bloated government, etc." How about severely reduced road maintenance? Government offices open fewer hours (not only inconvenient for you, but less money for them to spend counter to your own argument)? The list goes on. I hardly think of the LJW as being a liberal mouthpiece.

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Just Food agency and letter carriers want your canned and dry foods to 'Stamp Out' hunger

What exactly does this alleged lack of oversight by volunteers result in? Giving away food to an individual more than one time a month? Yes, by eliminating the "duplication of services," United Way and Just Food have now combined the client databases at Ballard Center, Penn House, and Salvation Army so that client can now visit these three combined just once a month, whereas they may have been able to visit all three once a month for their <$20 bag of groceries. Actually, I think I have an idea to boost the "individual visits" number even more. Make the clients come in for each commodity individually. It's all in the numbers, and I don't buy it.

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Just Food agency and letter carriers want your canned and dry foods to 'Stamp Out' hunger

That will be the day when there is a critical examination of Just Foods in this newspaper. There are many food pantries in town that never get a mention. And all of them do not have paid staff like Just Foods.

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Longtime Lawrence couple to lead annual United Way fundraising campaign

"Just Food, The Salvation Army and Ballard Community Services have worked to consolidate some of their food pantry operations, including the sharing of client data to avoid duplication "
What this means is that instead of three <$20 bags of groceries to live on per month (one from each place), because of the shared client database, families can now have one <$20 bag of groceries to live on per month. “But there is increased accountability. I have a real sense that the money people give is going further now.” It sure is. Don't know what those taker families were thinking living large on <$60 of groceries per month. We need to get the rest of the food pantries on board, because what family needs more than a $20 food budget per month?

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Editorial: AG issue

That's a broad statement. Perhaps you can enlighten all of us on a) the number of attorneys on his staff, and b) their current caseload. Please tell us what they do all day long. It is very easy to put down non-partisan state employees that are already being paid less than the private sector and are operating under budget cuts because of the current tax policy in this state, so please enlighten us as to their daily routine.

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Retired public employees seeking cost of living adjustment

Or, the government might establish a retirement plan for its employees and then not fully fund it. Hardly an overreach, unless you are talking about the legislature's reach into the fund to spend it on other things.

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Kansas Chamber of Commerce plans to push again for pension overhaul

+1 Too bad Kansas will be the last place that the Republican Party will implode. Looks like it's already happening at the federal level.

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Rep. Yoder apologizes for nude Sea of Galilee swim

What is not pointed out more clearly in this article is one aspect that other media outlets are reporting - that also among the other lawmakers and staff were the daughters of some of the other congressmen. Very poor judgement - too bad he's unopposed. And Politico is a conservative outlet.

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Brownback says asking for 10 percent cuts in state agencies just first step in budget review process

Said like a consummate moocher. You want it all, and you don't want to pay for anything. Bet you don't even work.

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