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Your Turn: Influence of Hispanic voters will grow

"According to a recent poll, the top three issues for registered Hispanic voters are education, the economy/jobs, and health care. (Immigration is a distant fourth.)"

There's my answer. I overlooked that bit. Though I have my suspicions about the poll. My personal experience suggests otherwise.

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Your Turn: Influence of Hispanic voters will grow

One major sub-plot the author fails to mention is the path to citizenship for the estimated 10 to 20 million illegal immigrants in the US, most of which are from Mexico. I don’t see any mention of what is likely the top issue for Hispanic voters illegal or otherwise. How can one compose a piece on the growing Hispanic electorate and its role in the 2016 general election and not mention illegal immigration?

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NAACP leader whose parents outed her as white to challenge 'assumptions'

Who cares what she claims as her race?

The NAACP....to date is going about this the right way. The Congressional Black Caucus with its discriminatory and arguably racist membership policy could learn a lesson or two from this.

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Letter: Fitting tribute

"As I watched and thought about all the sacrifices these people and their families have made for the good of our country, for all of us who live here, and for humanity worldwide...." - L bodle

I wonder...of all the sacrifices how many were truly for the good of the country and humanity worldwide?
How is humanity doing in the mid-east since we illegally helped overthrow Mosaddegh? I'm sure they would have a different take on how the US and our service men and women have helped humanity.

Korea Tie -
Vietnam Loss -
Desert Storm Incomplete (we were supposed to get rid of Saddam. Instead we cheated the Kurds by letting Saddam live and then multitudes of Kurds were murdered then gassed by the very chemicals we gave Iraq in the 80's. -
Iraq v2.0 continues to fail -
Lybia Illegal war and further destabilized the region -

None of the wars I mentioned above were waged to defend our country and since it's not our job to be the humanity saviors of the world... shouldn't we be honest with ourselves and come to terms with the fact that our service men and women since WWII haven't been defending our freedoms but rather failed foreign policy?

I'm not trying to dismiss the courage it takes to join the military especially when you know you may be deployed in yet another illegal destabilizing war. But wouldn't it be a better service to our vets to not make them vets in the first place?

What are they sacrificing their lives for? Who are they protecting us from?

For a nation that prides itself on peace and prosperity....at the hands of our service men and women we sure have a strange way of well.....not finding peace and prosperity...nor making good for humanity.

Don't believe me? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_...

A more appropriate remembrance would be to stop putting them in harms way in the first place.

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Opinion: Baltimore mother acting on instinct

Thanks to some posters above I had assault confused with battery.

Substitute my references to assault with battery.

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Opinion: Baltimore mother acting on instinct

I stand corrected.

Doesn't change the fact that it was a criminal act.

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Opinion: Baltimore mother acting on instinct


You might have a point there. Either way, it's a crime. It perpetuates the very cycle of violence we need to be stopping.

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Opinion: Baltimore mother acting on instinct

None of us know how he feels for sure.....

But one thing I know when I see it is assault.

Brock is right. She struck him out of anger. It's criminal.

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Opinion: Baltimore mother acting on instinct

How do you know that her son knows she loves him? Victims of violent households have a way of being forced to accept this type of "love" through years of abuse. How do you know this isn't the case?

You know nothing john snow!

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Opinion: Baltimore mother acting on instinct

Ummmm...are you kidding me? That was assault. She should be arrested.

I understand the sentiment but she was trying to teach her son a lesson about not participating in the riots and potentially committing assault himself in the course of the riot with guess what......assault.

The whole scene was a contradiction in the very lesson she was trying to teach.

Absolutely unacceptable. Imagine a husband or wife acting out the same action to teach the same lesson....guess what?.... someone's going to jail.

Assault is assault. Plain and simple.

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