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U.S. slaps sanctions on Russia, expels 35 diplomats for interfering in American election

The US has NO moral authority speaking on influencing elections, populations, or entire regimes. ZERO authority.

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Letter to the editor: The Russian factor

I believe Assange over the intelligence community. He has exposed their lies for some time now. Hell if Clapper can lie publicly and privately to the overseers of our intelligence operations and not go to jail for perjury is all the example you need.

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Local businesses boycotted by Black Lives Matter group say action is misguided

But using tactics that mirror the tactics used historically in pogroms against those who are "different" (including who believe differently than us) is sure as hell, not the way to get respect from other folks."-D.Yates

Vety succinct. I'd add that its not going to accomplish their goal. It's self defeating and I think the overwhelming response from the community will be the proof. So far it doesn't look good for the success of the boycott.

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Letter to the editor: Winning friends?

One of my issues with BLM-LFK is that their often heard claim to liberate not only black lives from oppression i.e. the LGBTQ....xyz, native, and other marginalized populations isn't appropriately and equally represented. For example: The facebook "mission" and "about" sections mention only black lives. I think if the aim is to include ALL disenfranchised, marginalized, and oppressed then the name of BLM-LFK needs to be changed as well as the "mission" and "about" fields in their facebook profile to something more representative of all of the oppressed, you know.... the "other" marginalized populations that consistently receive second billing. It shouldn't be BLM-LFK first then the other Beatles not named John or Paul.

So in keeping with the BLM-LFK spirit I'd like to offer a few demands of my own. A demand that should be met immediately and without delay. Change the name of the group to represent all oppressed populations. Add the left out and second billed populations to the "about" and "mission" sections on the facebook profile and elevate them to the same level of representation. To do otherwise would be an exercise in the very practice to prioritize some over others that BLM-LFK claims to fight.

I'd also demand a letter of solidarity of their own from BLM-LFK to those oppressed populations missing from their facebook "mission" and "about" sections. It must be signed by all members and posted to their facebook so that we can "see them" so that we can "hear them".

While BLM-LFK has certainly demonstrated their support for said oppressed they need to recognize them in a more formal and equitable way.

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Opinion: Guns’ chilling effect in the classroom

" the right to maintain their classrooms as gun-free zones."- J. Crisp

There is no such right. There is no such thing as a gun free zone.

There is a right, however, in the 2nd amendment. That right is worth all that potentially comes with it.

The sacrifice needed to preserve the individual's right to defend themselves should allow one to be armed in the public sector. Why? Because Law Enforcement only arrives on the scene AFTER the crime has been committed. The gun grabbers want to leave the population in a constant state of vulnerability.

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Opinion: U.S. also vulnerable to Brexit thinking

"I would suggest, therefore, that those who currently support Trump for president might want to consider all of the negative effects the Brexit vote has already had on the British economy, as well as the growing sense in Britain that the vote was a tragic mistake. " - Mike Hoeflich

Respectfully Mike while there have been some negatives in the Brexit the sacrifice is worth it. The US would never agree to terms that cede so much control over domestic policy. This was the ironic thing about Obama's encouragement to stay in the EU.

As of this writing according to Forbes the pound is rebounding. It doesn't bode well for the apocalyptic predictions that will likely not materialize or at least reach the severity the alarmists claim. Will things be tougher? Yes they will. Business will operate differently but they will make it and at least gain some sovereignty back.

Cameron as well as Boris are both cowards. They need to remain to deal with what they have created.

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Clinton receives long-awaited endorsement from Sanders

Well Barb I suppose that depends on how you stack up Hillary's actuals against Donald's Rhetoric.

Hillary supported DOMA, Don't ask don't tell, the 94 crime bill, Iraq AFTER it was proven to be a scam, and she said marriage is a sacred union between man and woman. Her cozy relationship with Goldman Sachs, wall street, and the 1% is precisely what Bernie was fighting against. Her advocacy to invade Libya and support to enforce a no-fly zone in Syria are precursors to what she will do as president.

If you didn't know any better what I describe above are all actions that one would expect out of a Republican. Your cake analogy does a disservice to the reality which is that Hillary and Trump are for the most part the same person.

You're not paying attention.

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Clinton receives long-awaited endorsement from Sanders

If the argument is that Hillary is slightly less bad than Trump then I submit that the margin is so small that it really doesn't make a difference. It's going to be amusing to see so many Bernie supporters sacrifice their principles and everything they stand to vote for Hillary who by many measures is a republican.

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Clinton receives long-awaited endorsement from Sanders

"Bernie Sanders, who has lost most of his leverage, has totally sold out to Crooked Hillary Clinton," Trump wrote Tuesday as part of a series of Tweets ahead of the Portsmouth event. "Sanders was not true to himself and his supporters." - Trump

I would never vote for Trump but we have to acknowledge a truthful statement even if they are few and far between.

The rub is that Trump and Hillary are the same animal. Trump's wall will never materialize in the event that he becomes president. Just like candidate Obama's failed promises so to are Trump's and Hillary's. With Hillary....gone is any chance to battle the 1%. She is and embodies the 1%. So really we're faced with a coin flip where both sides are of the same coin.

People say a vote for anyone other than Hillary is a vote for Trump and that your vote matters. Well...If you live in Kansas and you're a liberal you vote doesn't matter so its better to vote your conscience and principles than give it to identical political monsters like Trump and Hillary.

One could argue that a president Trump would actually bring congress together to work against the imperialistic powers that Obama has amplified and used to scale back the power of the executive office. But then on the other hand it would be hard to go against the pen and a phone philosophy. This is the slippery slope of executive overreach that Obama didn't create but certainly took to new heights.

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5 Dallas officers slain, deadliest day for police since 9/11

Even highly trained officers are subject to the irresponsible use of guns. This event in Dallas proves that training and certification are not the effective measures many seek to feel better about who has guns.

Legally armed Americans vastly out number the number of armed government employees and proportionately handle fire arms in a far more responsible fashion. Furthermore the government has proven time and time again that it irresponsibly puts weapons of war directly in to the hands of people that shouldn't have them. Fast and Furious...Libya...the mythical moderate Syrian rebel.....Saddam...Iran...a variety of central and south American terrorists in efforts to overthrow sovereign nations to the tune of out "national interests."

There is no trust in who the authorities are comfortable arming and training and certification are not the be all end all solution that many, many liberals seek comfort in.

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