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Hillcrest PTO president Betsy Six juggles full plate

I think this qualifies her to be VP

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Band Day on tap for weekend

the reason they do not is because this is a chance for the smaller Kansas high schools to play in front of that large crowd. If they went, you'd have to kick several other high schools off the field.

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What effect will Bill Self's involvement in an effort to improve Lawrence's athletic and wellness facilities have on getting a project done?

"If Coach Self is offered a huge contract one day he is out of here just like Roy and Larry Brown. Let's be real."He was offered a huge contract by Oklahoma St., his alma mater. Notice he didn't go.

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Magazine strikes KU off list for 'best value' among colleges

"Love the Jayhawks, just hate the academic attitude." - janeyb

I personally think it is a great idea to make it harder to retain scholarships. I have one and I have been working very hard to get out in 4 years with a high GPA at a different institution. I think students that take the approach that college is about education first should be rewarded as such. Besides, rankings are a joke anyways, choosing a school based on rankings is a great way to be disappointed

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Music lessons

It's glad to see people stepping up to support music in Lawrence. It will still be difficult to maintain such a high level of success, because many other school districts are paying their music teachers significantly more. Therefore, the good ones are never going to stick around. We've lost quite a few of them in the last few years.

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Vandals hit Free State High before game

For years I've told that Free State has the more mature student body. I guess it's true.

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Would you send your child to virtual school?

A virtual school basically removes a student from the participation based learning a student should get in schools. Music, Drama, Art, Sports, Clubs, Student Leadership, etc. are all lost. The Virtual school will essentially kill most of the critical thinking that student should be learning. For one, most form of testing that can be performed online are poorly created, and really just teach children to take a test.

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Yellow House owners arrested again

I think the real problem with the Yellow house is the fact that is pretty much a fence for stolen goods

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Speedy school lunches not cram sessions


Please don't show your ignorance by saying teachers have a short day. Most teachers are at the building from 7-4, which, last time I checked, is a 9 hour day. Plus, many spend 2-4 hours a night grading a night, especially junior high and high school teachers. That, along with all the extra curriculer activities that teachers have to work with, leads to very busy days for our teachers. The summers, as well, usually only include a week for two of vacation. The rest of it, is planning for next year, attending conferences, getting recertified, etc. So in reality, teachers are some of our country's hardest workers, and should at least be compensated with a longer lunch, because congress doesn't want to raise their pay.

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GTAs try to rally support for their goals

Ideally the school shouldn't have any GTA's, because professors should be focusing on teaching the students, not doing research all the time. That's why I'm not going to school at KU, it's nice to have real professors teach my classes, and no people who graduated a year or two before I got to school.

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