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Police still waiting for toxicology reports in Oread hotel death

All kinds of deaths surrounding the Oread. Horrible for this fellow, but just watch. They'll sweep it under the rug, just like every other questionable, provocative situation surrounding the Boner on the Hill.

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Ignoring facts isn’t the answer

What is the point of this one? At least wait until Pitts writes something moving one way or another to post it, geez.

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Predatory past

Confrontation- you are the one with issues. As the article AND your so-called common sense would point out clearly there are bad people and you should be cautious, but to say nobody is to be trusted because some people cannot be trusted is a sweeping generalization that will lead YOUR children to have very limited social skills.


"Tony Pugh is still steamed that his exclusive jailhouse interview with Bush was buried all the way on page 28 of the newspaper."

What a douche! Tony needs to get a grip and check the weight of the actual content of his story versus his ego.

Obviously he realizes that times are different and the press leeches on different fodder now than then, but dang dude... all of this other information and all this time to have done any number of similar (to this article) follow-up stories and get your headline, but according to your self-serving whiny mentality conveyed here, you must not have?

Maybe your original story sucked? Maybe you're a bad reporter in general? Maybe you should piss and moan to yourself while you bite your pillow in the corner?

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Singer to return to Lawrence for LMH fundraiser

Hopefully some of this money goes into acquiring new anesthesiologists! At least get Tremors McHandsashakin over there needs some new tri-focals or somethin, geeeeeeeeez

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FDA issues alert on herbal supplement

Maybe the article should have differentiated the two shutdowns, and started by having even mentioned the K2 one?

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Why Mario — not LeBron — should wear No. 6 next year for the Miami Heat

"...the whole league should retire the number 23 to honor Jordan"

... which I fully agree with.

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Why Mario — not LeBron — should wear No. 6 next year for the Miami Heat

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh hahahaha

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Survivor recounts details of Cat Tracker fatality as civil case opens in Lawrence

Surely, there were other bridges that the Tracker could have, and did, pass under with no deaths.

Only post I really agree with is that the driver should have been aware of the bus height and noticed the low bridge.

I understand the sentiments rationalizing the whole thing as the adults on board's fault, but don't believe them to be true. You rent a party bus so you can relax with friends. Watching (and ducking) for every bridge is definitely not a part of that.

I remember this incident and it was awful to have happen. I can only agree that the driver is responsible.

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Government changes would dismay America’s founders

Only thing for which writer should blame Obama is not taken more action on cleaning up Bush's mess.

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND, namely, so the general population doesn't get dumber with each passing year. GWB = Elitist prick

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Oread street closure plan deferred

Bunch of fat-pocketed yahoos that don't care about the REAL Lawrence, which includes all kinds. If Fritz'n'Comps had their way, the whole town would be Oreads towering in all their phallic, piss-on-what-was majesty.

Well, I say piss on the Oread.

Whatever powers created the "floods", I shall call them, and accidents during construction were about the only right done in that place since 4am when the doors were locked after the Yello Sub party.

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